How to get visa to travel to egypt
  • Mariyem: You will not be able to travel internationally without a passport.
  • Hi. My husband is an American and I am British. We have been to Egypt several times. You will need a visa which you can go in line to get this when you get there. We go to Egypt with in the next few weeks, so the first time ever I am going to see if I can get visas before we go to stop having to wait in line. I dont know if this is possible but I hope to find out.
  • Hi guest
    we will be glad to meet and assist you upon ur arrival to cairo airport and not let u stand in line to get entry visa , our representative will do everything to you just very simply . please advise your e-mail adress or e-mail us on: to discuss all details and send you our promotion for the period u'll be visiting egypt
    Miss Egypt travel
  • Hello!I'm from Philippines,i would like to know if is there a show money in traveling/visiting Egypt?
  • Hello Mr Mae
    Good Morning

    Yeah sure can you visit Egypt and don't ever think about the Payment

    if you don't have plan for your trip then let me make you program but need from you some information

    Date - From to
    Number of pax & Name
    Categories Hotel - Cruise

    waiting your Soon reply
  • I am a INDIAN and want to travel Egypt and see all the places which are visit able. So what kind of visa do i need to have on my passport and how much does it cost and for how much duration i can be their on that visa.
    If i am coming their on a Tourist visa can i travel Sinai or sharm el shaikh apart from passport what are tings do i need to take along with to to travel most of the places.
    Firstly what are the conditions of Egypt now a days and is that safe to travel in Egypt.

    If any of the Travel can help me with visa kindly mail me or contact me.

    Contact # : 00919885026341

    Thank & Regards
  • I recently visited Egypt on holiday for 14 days from 20.11.12 and will be returning for 11 days from 01.01.2013. Will I need to obtain a new Entry Visa on arrival? Or will the Visa from my 1st visit cover this 2nd trip?
    Thank you.
  • Hi am a filipina and iam intending to go to sharms el shiekh only for a day to meet my egyptian fiance, am a nurse from saudi arabia. Its it possible for me to obtain the sinia visa only? Answers will be most loved. Thanks.
  • Hello.Im a filipino and working as babysitter here in italy. I only want to know how long it will take to get a visa for egypt because my employer want mr to join their trip this coming april27,2013.. It is imposibble that i cant get visa before that day? Please respond me soon.
    My passport is Philippine Passport and i dont have any other visa entry only for itlay..

  • good day....I am a filipina married to a German national living in France....i have my France residence visa already but holding a Philippine passport.....we will planning a 2 weeks holiday in Egypt ...where i do get a visa entry to Egypt?
  • Hi im a filipino currently working here in al khobar saudi arabia, im planning to take a tour to egypt during the holidays, if i already have the iqama (residency permit) and i have exit re-entry, can i go to egypt and just get the tourist visa at Cairo airport? Thank you for your immediate response :)
  • Unfortunately there is no way to travel internationally without a passport. You would not be allowed by the airline to even check in let alone board a plane without a passport
  • nice info, tnx guys
  • I am a Kenyan citizen living in Sweden. I also have a permanent resident permit in Sweden. I would like to visit Egypt for a week. Can I get a visa on arrival at the airport or should I obtain a pre-visa? Please help.
  • Kenyans require a visa for Egypt, the fact you have permanent residence is irrelevant you still need a visa.

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