Tourist Visa for India
  • I am an Australian flying to Dubai this Wednesday and then on to India on Friday... I have just today (Sunday unfortunately) learned that I need a pre-entry tourist visa to travel to India.. I filled out the online application and paid the amount required. I still need to hand in a form at the Indian consulate in my home town of Perth tomorrow (Monday).. Provided I have filled out the application correctly and I do get the visa - it still takes three days for me to get it. That means I won't get it untill Wednesday or Thursday.. The problem is I will be in Dubai by then. Does anyone know if I can present copies of the documents of payment for my visa when I arrive in India and they can check on their system that my tourist visa has been granted OR will I be deported back to Dubai and thus miss my best friend's wedding? Please somebody - give me some good news! I'm so stressed I can hardly breath. :(((((
  • No. This wouldn't be allowed in any country. You need a valid visa stamped on your passport to travel.
  • How far ahead of time can I apply for an India Visa. I live in North Carolina.
  • Contact with the travel agency and get best info about it.

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