first time
  • iam a philippine passport holder and im planning to travel on turkey visit my bf there..
    do i need first to travel around asian for new stamp? or i can straight apply visa tourish in turkey
    some say i need first go out in other asian country seens my passport is new..
    plss help ..i need adive :(
  • hi =)
    As far as I know the citizens of Philippines do not have to get a visa ...they need to pay a little amount of money at the airport (it was around 30$)
    And it is valid for 30 days..if you want to stay longer,you should apply for a visa.
    and ?f you want a cultural location tour ? can help you
  • hi plz someone help me :(
    im a filipino citizens and im planning to visit istanbul turkey next yr its my 1st time to go abroad,i have my bf in istanbul i already have passport. i just want to ask do i need to present how much money i have in my bank account do i need to present my bank statement? how much money do i must have in my bank account?if not what i can i give in order to have a visa and be approved so i can go in istanbul? thank u and godbless
  • If you stay longer then visa must be required.
  • Hi Red. Gokay and mishill

    According to the Ministry of Foreirn affairs website you need to apply to the Turkish consulate for a visa before travelling:

    Philippines: Ordinary passport holders are required to have visa to enter Turkey. . They can get their 15 day period visas from Turkish diplomatic representations abroad.

    This is the address and telephone number of the consulate in Cebu

    B. Benedicto & Son Co., Inc. 99-101 Plaridel Street
    Cidade: Cebu City
    Telefone: +63-32 254-7025 +63-32 255-0941
    Fax: +63-32 255-0113

    ? suggest you contact them for further information.

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