six months validity
  • hello, i want to book an air ticket to bangkok in march, maybe in the early march. however my friend's passport expires on 3rd dec. there is also a six month validity to bangkok. is my friend able to fly if i book the tickets on 3rd march?
  • you can contact with travel agency and get the best information.
  • The passport needs to have 6 months validity left upon arrival, in other words in has to expire more than six months in the future. If your friend's passport expires in December, I am assuming they will be getting a new one, so will have several years validity on it when they travel with you in March. They can even travel the same day the passport is issued.
  • hello mrcycling, i need to book the air tickets and they require me to give the details of the expiry date of the passport and also the passport number. if she renews her passport, wouldnt her passport number and expiry date change? if her details does not tally to what i give when i book the tickets, can she still take the plane?
    if i book our tickets on 3rd march and her passport expires on 3 dec. is she still able to board the plane?
  • hi james5, i read some comments they said that the agency does not really give good and reliable information
  • If you need to provide passport details with the booking, then your friend should renew her passport right away. There is nothing to prohibit her from renewing ahead of the expiration date.

    Some airlines may accept her old details at booking and allow her to show her expired passport at check in, but having the new passport details will make things much smoother.
  • thanks man!
    should get her to renew her passport ASAP before the promo price tickets sold out! thank you very much! it's really a great help :D
  • I will be going to Kuala Lumpur by March for 3 day visit and my passport will expire by June should I get a new passport?

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