Visa to Dubai with a zimbabwean passport
  • hi
    I just wondering if anyone can help me on this. I'm currently living in the uk and my asylum case has been declined. I'm from zimbabwe and would like to travel to dubai from here in the uk since I can't go back to zimbabwe due to political problems. Can I get a visa to dubai while i'm here in uk ? My boyfriend has recently moved there and has a british passport
  • Why don't you ask the UAE embassy? Go visit and complete an application. My advise is not to mention the whole asylum thing - they don't care and it will only complicate the issue.

    To get a work and thence residency visa for UAE you need a job offer. Start with the objective and then the visa comes really easily.


  • thank you david, yeah I rang up the embassy and they told me that they no longer issue visas here in the uk and all visas are issued in UAE and I scared that the uk immigration won't let me leave even if I do get a visa .
    I will have a look at the sites u gave me .
    I have also been sending my cv out for jobs as well.
  • Good luck to you! The key is landing the job, the visa for UAE will come easily after that.
  • hi david
    i am a zimbabwean passport holder with a UK work permit, i would like to visit dubai for 7days. how do i get the tourist visa or what are the requirements as i will be staying in a hotel, I don't have a sponsor in UAE. My partner will be travelling from Zimbabwe. please help.
  • i can help u, i leave in dubai. . . my id: my number 00971552731311
  • If I am transiting, do I need a transit visa and where do I get one? I am in Zimbabwe.

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