germany visa - invitation letter
  • i want apply a visa to go germany but through requirment of the embasy,someone has send an invitation letter to u.
    please can i have help
  • Hi Alhagie,
    What passport do you have and where do you live? Are you going for a holiday or are you seeking a more long-term visa? Once I know your details I may be able to help you with information.
  • I have an Australian passport and want to visit in Germany and France for the business purpose. How many visas I need for travel in these countries.
  • Hi Tony,

    You'll need a Schengen visa, which will be valid for both Germany and France; you can apply at the embassy of whichever country you're visiting first.
  • hello Ella
    Can you please add me on Skype: nwitseg want to talk with you .

    best regards.

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