Cost of living in Bulgaria, Sunny Beach
  • Sunjunkie, I've read on other forums that 2 sunbeds + umbrella on the beach costs something like 21/24 lv.

    So, where did you find such cheap prices for the sunbeds?

  • Sunny Beach is best for young people or families with children. There are many resturants, pubs, bulgarian resturants with live music, night clubs . There have many attractions for kids and parents like Aquaparks and water sports. Best Aquaprks are Action Aquapark and Aqua Paradise. Also the mini Aquaprk Kuban is nice. The night clubs like Mania, Lazur, Orange, 4asPik CACAO BEACH are great for young people.Every summer the best DJ's from all over the world like Tiesto and David Gueta visit Sunny Beach or Nesebar. If you're in Sunny Beach its not a problem to visit Nesebar the distance is only about 5 km. In the resort have 3 McDonaldss, KFCand other fast food resturants.
  • I'm going to sunny beach on Monday( and I can't wait) I'm going with my partner and my daughter.
    How much are beers and cocktail's I keep hearing the place is cheap but I'd just like to no for sure.
    Any reply would be great thanks
  • i have just returned from sunny beach (july 2012). i went with my children ( two 17yrs, one 20 ) and we all had a great time.
    weather was hot, sea warm. beaches are sandy but there is a high charge for sunbeds,2 sunbeds, 1 umbrella, 24 lev (£11) but once paid we never experienced hassle to pay again!! Yes you still can get beers for 1 lev (50p) english money!! we ate out most nites for 20-25 lev (£10-£15)thats food with beers and wine, very reasonable, though the food isnt that great. we are not great meat eaters, the alternatives were pizza and pasta, which were ok!! though had had enough after 10 days!!! we stayed in a hotel which was very nice,big pool, pool bar and entertainment!! kids went out most nites to strip where there are a couple of good niteclubs, they always seemed to have fun!!
    i took £1000 for 10 days for all of us and i came back with £300!!!!! And we never scrimped!!!! cheaper to exchange there. We did banana boat and floating matress on the beach, no trips, thats not what we went for just a lazy,cheap beach holiday and sunny beach delivered that and more :-)
  • To all those in this comment thread looking for information on resorts, attractions and activities in Bulgaria, as well as advice on the best currency to use, perhaps this Bulgaria Travel Guide will help.
  • As for 2013 Bulgaria is sill the cheapest country in EU. Sunny Beach is the biggest resort with a great sandy beach, a lot of bars and restaurants at reasonable prices, night clubs and discos, an aquapark. The seaside is not only a great place for a summer holiday but also a starting point for a nice excursion around Bulgaria or to Istanbul.
  • Is a cheapest country in EU.Bulgaria is famous for his Beaches.
  • Hello All,

    There seems to be many questions in the past about Bulgaria that have gone unanswered and I will try and answer some of them. I have lived in Bulgaria for three years, married to a Bulgarian, speak the language and still have business involvement there and own several properties.

    There seems to be many questions about the larger resorts (Sunny Beach / Golden Sands) v.s. smaller resorts (Sozopol, Kiten, etc.) I can comment best on Sunny Beach as my company developed a property near there in St. Vlas.
    Sunny Beach has many activities and a vibrant nightlife but can be a bit noisy at times. If you like the action but want some place quieter then places like Ravada or St. Vlas might be the place. Most accommodation here consist of apartment hotels, many with full kitchens for those who want to self cater. Both areas are close to Sunny Beach (2-3 km) and can be reached by bus or taxi. Food and beverages are more expensive here than in the smaller resorts or elsewhere in Bulgaria. For those who want to find a secluded beach close to Sunny Beach a day trip to Irakeli beach is perfect. It is located about 30 km north of Sunny Beach and is usually not crowded.

    The smaller resorts have much to offer. I have vacationed in Sozopol in the past and it is nice. Kiten is one of my favourite small resorts and has nice beaches. Accomodation in the smaller resorts is not as luxurious as in the larger resorts but is still nice and clean. Even if you stay in Sunny Beach you can easily rent a car for a day and visit the other resorts. For the adventurous a drive down to Ahtopol is interesting as it a small and undeveloped seaside resort near the Turkish border with very clear water. Many smaller resorts such as Kiten, Tsarevo and even Sozopol are destinations for Bulgarians, Serbs, Czechs, etc. and English may or may not be spoken.

    Another question was currency exchange and the use of Euros. I have found that it is always best to change from Sterling/Dollars/Euros into leva in Bulgaria. With that said the change bureau rates in the resorts are lower than in other cities in Bulgaria. Golden Sands may be different as it is close to Varna. I would ask at your hotel which is the best place to exchange or if you are in Sunny Beach and plan to go to Burgas then you might want to check out the rates there.

    The nice thing about Bulgaria is that it is not a big country so visiting other places is possible by day trips. If you get tired of the sun and sand a good day trip would be to Veliko Tarnovo, the old capital of Bulgaria (check info. on the web). It is about a 2.5 hour drive from Sunny Beach. The city of Plovdiv is also very interesting and historic (Roman walls, roman amphitheater, etc.) and has a great central park & square with a pedestrian shopping district filled with shops, restaurants and cafes. With the A1 motorway planning to be completed in May 2013 the trip from Sunny Beach to Plovdiv should take around 2.5 hours.
  • Hoping to go to the majestic beach hotel , sunny beach in sep and need to know if its suitable for a wheelchair user, also if the resort is wheelchair friendly any info would b appreciated. Thanks
  • Hello Mike,

    I know of the hotel but I don't know if they have any accessible rooms at the Majestic. I remember that it was built around 2005 / 2006. There were no requirements for accessible rooms at that time but that doesn't mean it doesn't have them. It is located on the north end of Sunny Beach and the main strip is about 5-10 minutes from the hotel. I think that Thompson offers holidays at the Majestic so you can always call them to inquire into the rooms.

    As far as the resort being wheelchair friendly the topography is flat so no hills or such. For longer distances such as Nessebar there are taxis, a small train like shuttle and the bus. I don't know if the bus or shuttle are wheelchair accessible. I would guess that the shuttle is a better bet.

    If you want to go to Nessebar the main streets in the centre are tarmac but the smaller side streets and further back on the island are small to medium sized stone. The roads that run 1/2 way around the perimeter are tarmac but the best entrance is through the front gate as the side entrances have stairs.

    September will be a good time to go as it will be less crowded and the weather is still nice. I was there (st. Vlas) in late September 2010 and the temperature was 29C-32C. I would say the average is somewhere around 23C-25C for daytime maximum.

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