best time to go to Tunisia?
  • Hi PrincessLia,

    Welcome to Tunisia. In April the weather is starting to get warmer, it is spring and it should be nice to sit on the beach but the water will still be cold but maybe you can brave the sea for a quick dip. the mornings and nights will be quite cool so it is best to bring a wrap or jacket for those times.

    I hope you enjoy your vacation in Hammamet
  • Hi, my boyfriend and I are thinking of going to Tunisia in June. Most of the deals we have seen so far are All Inclusive which I'm not too keen on, but I'm worried this means it's hard to find places to eat/drink out. Can you recommend an area or town where the hotels are likely to be in walking distance of a town for eating out and generally looking around? I assume from previous posts that it wouldn't be too expensive at least. Also, how strict is the attitude to alcohol? Is it acceptable to go out for drinks (not a wild night out, just a bottle of wine or too and a chat)?

    Thanks very much for any light you can shed on this :)
  • hi Lesley,

    how is the situation in Tunisia at the moment? do you think it will be safe to come there in April? Will Hammammet be ok by then? I've been hearing about a lot of violence and unrest on the news about Tunisia at the moment, so hoping it will be fine by April, especially Hammammet?

  • Hochy - I have never stayed at the Sahara Beach hotel but it should be fine. April is a good time to visit Tunisia as it is not yet very hot. You will find Monastir warm during the day but the nights still quite cool so make sure you have a jacket for the evenings. Tunisia is a wonderful country, even given the problems we have at the moment. The people are warm and friendly and will welcome you as I do.

    It will be everything you have dreamed of and I wish you a wonderful vacation
  • princess Lia - we are having a revolution and all that goes with it!! Right now the situation is politically volatile however, it is starting to calm down and the next few days/weeks with the new government in place should see how Tunisie will pan out. My advice is to watch the news, look for updates and make your decision then. Hammamet is a very touristique area and is usually very safe for foreigners. However, majority of foreigners have left the country for the time being. I too hope that it will return to normal very soon and the peace and calm that we value here.
  • Hi Lou - the all inclusive is basically aimed at British tourists who seem to like that sort of thing but you can just take bed and breakfast. There are heaps of cafes/restaurants/bars in our touristique areas so don't worry, plenty to eat and drink and for foreigners, very cheap. Some of the areas that are popular are: Sousse, Hammamet, Monastir and my personal favourite Nabeul, all on the coast and beach and with interesting old cities to wander. You can go out for a night to have a bottle or two of something, this is not a problem for you here. Although alcohol can be quite expensive. We do have a local wine producer but I can't tell you if it's good or not LOL!!

    I do hope you will come and enjoy Tunisia
  • Hi my partner and I are staying at the El Hana Palace, in Port El Kantaoui late in April. Is it a good hotel? And will it be warm? Im a bit concerned now about unmarried couples, were in our 50's, will we be asked?.... One more question if you dont mind, how can I get the email address for the hotel?
    Thank you
  • Hello Lesley -
    you're a wonder. I've been reading through all the previous messages and can see that you've answered all the questions I was going to ask already!
    It will be my first visit to 'Tune' at the end of March - for my honeymoon!
    It seems like you live in a beautiful country, I'm really happy that your people have made their voices heard and it came out quite peacefully, can't wait to visit.
    All the best
  • Lapluzi - the El Hana in PEK is a good hotel but please take my advice and contact them to ensure that they are open. Many of the hotels have closed and it is always wise to check. A search on the internet should yield their details as I don't have them to hand. The weather will be warm at the end of April, it is spring and a very nice time to visit Tunisia. You will not be asked your marital status I am sure. PEK is a purpose built tourist area and so everyone is fairly used to this situation.

    I do hope you will enjoy your vacation
  • Hi Christine and thank you for your lovely comments. We are very proud of what we have achieved, albeit with the large loss of life and wounded but they become are martyrs and will be honoured. Mabrouk to you for your marriage and you are going to have a great time here. Just a word - please make sure that your hotel is open and operating. Many of the hotels have been closed so it is wise to check.

    Have a great time here in Tunisie
  • hi Lesley, my husband, myself and our 10 year old are coming to tunisia for our holidays on the 14 august 2011, we are staying at the Soviva Resort in Port el Kantaoui. I was wondering if you could recomend any good excursions for us, were on a all inclusive basis but still want to get out and about to see this beautiful destination, could you also tell us what the temperature will likely to be thanx Nikky
  • Hi Nikky - there are lots of day excursions! I suggest that you go to Tunis our capital for a day, wander the old city and the souq, it is wondrous. Then nearer to you is Nabeul which is the centre of potter/ceramic production also with a great medina and souq. A day in Hammamet, Sousse would also be a good idea. You can get to all these places easily on the louage or by taxi quite cheaply. Keep in mind though that it will be Ramadan and it will be very hot! Enjoy your vacation
  • lesley thank-you so much for the reply. Youve been very helpful im already excited im counting down the weeks 24 on Sunday lol. But seriously thank-you know doubt ill be asking you something else before we come to Tunisia xxxxxx
  • Nikky - well we are certainly ready to give you a warm welcome. And I'm happy to answer all the questions.
  • Hi Lesley! we are traveling in Tunisia on april the 28 2011 we are staying in Sousse Marhaba beach hotel, how is the situation right now in Sousse? We also want to go see Tarbaka the coastal town suppose to be very nice, can we take a taxi from Sousse or is it better to take the bus?
  • Hi chance - welcome to Tunisia. The situation now right around Tunisia is calm and peaceful. We have a new PM and we now wait for our elections in July. There are no more protests. Tabarka is very beautiful with a lovely beach and great restaurants, however, it is a long, long way from Sousse. A taxi will be very, very expensive and it is very difficult to get a bus to Tabarka. The only way you could do this is to take the louage from Sousse to Tunis and then change there. It will probably take you 4 hours this way. If you really want to go just for the day then I suggest you hire a car and drive there. The road into Tabarka is not good so take care if you decide to do that.
  • Thank you! 4hrs is good cause we will be staying there 2 nights 3 days we think on going hiking and enjoying the lovely beach. Can`t wait !! Thanks again :)

  • Chance - that's great then. Enjoy your time in Tabarka it really is a beautiful spot
  • HI Lesley! what about the money!! how does it work can we bring Canadien money? or is it easier with American money?
  • Chants - you would be better to bring US$ as it is more easily exchanged. But you should watch the ex rate as it has been going up/down quite a lot. And remember not to take any dinars out of the country when you leave. It is a closed currency and you can't convert outside Tunisia. Also, the duty free does not accept dinar so forget about using the last few there LOL!!
  • I've just returned from Sousse, absolutely wonderful place. The people are so friendly and helpful, apart from the usual 'come spend in my shop' pressure but you get that most places. They're just making a living!
    I went alone and as a single female I wasn't sure what kind of reception i'd get but they couldn't of been nicer and treated me with great respect.
    I'm going back in May!!!
  • Hi Lesley !! I will be going to pek in a few days and wondered what the temperature will be like during 12:30-2:00 as i want to maybe get in the beach. I know its spring and its warm but is it swimmable and how many degrees C is it there?

    P.S Are there any ladies only beaches around pek and sousse and do you have any must brings like certain clothes, mosquito sprays, sunglasses etc....
  • living la vida - so, so pleased that you had a wonderful time!! We are nice here LOL. And welcome back in May, the weather will be even nicer
  • tunislover - the temperature at the moment in PEK are highs of around 20-25c during the day and dropping to 12-14c during the night. So you could quite possibly sunbake during the day but the water is still pretty cold for swimming. there are no ladies only beaches but if you want a little more security you should consider staying by the hotel swimming pool. You should bring clothes that are a little more modest than those in the west. If you want to walk around, shopping etc you will feel much more comfortable being covered a little more and will gain the respect of the locals. Bring a French phrase book - even though some of the traders speak some English, French and Arabic are used as the norm here. You can find everything else you will need in the pharmacies and supermarkets so don't worry about loading up your suitcase!!
  • hi i am booked to go to mahaba hotel sousse on may 10th is it safe to go ?
  • is there any areas i should avoid visiting?
  • debs - it is perfectly safe in Sousse and the major tourist centres. there are still some protests in the capital Tunis and in some of the areas in the south, but nothing that you should worry about. Normal stuff in the wake of a revolution.
  • Hi Lesley,
    I am coming to Hammet in June and wondered what the weather will be like?
    I am coming with my boyfriend and we are both 22, is this a issue?
    We are staying in the Club Riu Marco Polo hotel.
    Is it safe to venture out to the towns? are the towns close? and what do they have to offer? Thanks xx
  • lauren - In June the weather will be quite hot although sometimes the sea breeze can make the nights cool. If your boyfriend is not a Tunisian then there will be no problem. Yes, of course it is safe to venture out. Hammamet is a great vibrant place but go and visit Sousse which has a lovely medina and souq and also Nabeul, the centre of ceramics and pottery and my personal favourite town in Tunisie

    have a great vacation
  • hi, me and my boyfriend are planning to go to mahdia in an all inclusive hotel, we're both 20. i'm a little worried about the dress code, will i not be able to wear shorts and things?

    Thanks, Amy
  • Hi am planning to visit tunisia in october with my friend and wanted advice on where to stay whether hotel or rent apartment we arrive in tunis then not sure if we should go hammamet or sousse ,also how much is the food costs takeaways and in the supermarkets, also is it easy to find local tourguides who wont rip us off?
  • Amy - Mahdia is a conservative area and you should not wear skimpy clothing outside of your hotel. Please remember that although Tunisia is relatively liberal we are still an Islamic country and you should respect that. Also it will be easier for you to interact with the locals and not have as much hassle from the males!
  • Hello Lesley, appreciate for your time and all the thoughts you've given so far.

    Me and my girlfriend are planning to come to El Kantoui next week, but we saw the political alert on tripadvisor. Is it safe to come and stay for 10 days?

  • 1st time to tunisia in july flying with tunisair would like some info on airline many thanks
  • Christina - PEK is fine, it is safe and right now there are lots and lots of tourists. You will not have a problem. And yes, it is definitely the right time to come, it is hot and the nights now are very, very nice.

    Enjoy yourselves
  • jp - Tunisair is our flagship airline. It is a young modern fleet and the cabin crew are outstanding. they all speak a number of languages including English. All announcements are made in Arabic/English/French so you can understand everything. We use Tunisair all the time and they are great.

    Enjoy your time here
  • Hi Lesley We are coming back to Port El Kantaoui on the 18th March after our first visit in January. Can you tell me if the weather has improved since then as it was very cold when we were there and I`d like to know what kind of clothes to pack. Also I noticed your comment about Tunisian boyfriends. I met a man while I was over there who wants me to go over and stay with him and his parents. Is this frowned upon in Tunisia?
  • Hi Jewels,

    The weather is slowly becoming warmer and you will find the temps around high teens to low 20s. So I would pack lightweight with something warmer for the evenings as it's still cold when the sun goes down.

    Let me guess - he's in animation?? Please be cautious and I advise against staying in the family home. Do you understand how Tunisians live? You can't share a bedroom with him (if indeed they have separate rooms). Please book yourself a hotel and you will feel comfortable and safe. And yes, it is frowned upon! Don't enter into a relationship with a Tunisian lightly. There are many scams here and you could end up being part of one
  • Lesley,

    Firsty i wanted to say what a great job your doing at answering everyones questions about Tunis.

    Me and my girlfriend both 21 will be visiting Tunis the last week of April 2012 in PEK and were wondering
    1. temperature at this time/date
    2. whether it will be busy
    3. if your previous comments about the hotels being closed were only written in light of 2011's uprising?

    Thank you so much.
  • Paulie - thanks for you comments. Tunisia is my home and I like to promote it whenever I can. So here are your answers:

    1. The weather is starting to become warmer now but spring weather can be unpredictable but you will likely have temps in the low to mid 20c
    2. PEK is a purpose built tourist area and it can become very busy when the weather becomes warmer. In high summer it is very busy.
    3. All the hotels are now operating. During and immediately after our revolution many were closed. We didn't have any tourists and the economy was very wobbly but it's all back on track now.

    I hope you enjoy your holiday with us, I know you will
  • Hi Lesley,
    Firstly, let me just say that your comments are extremely helpful to us travelers. Me and a friend are coming to Tunisia, from the rainy UK for 12 days, and we cannot wait!! However, like all travelers we still have a one or two questions.

    I've read on the internet about vaccines, and i was just wondering if we need any specific ones. I've read that some people need specific ones, and some people don't and about a certificate of declaration about having the Yellow Fever vaccine. As the UK is not a yellow fever area, i'm assuming we don't need one. I've also read that hepatitis A and B vaccines are not mandatory, BUT i don't know if this is true. Please could you clear this up for me.

    Me and my friend are both male so i presume the rule about room sharing does not apply; as the travel company have booked us into one room with single beds.

    As i am going in 12 days, a quick response would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you very much for you help.
  • Hi Lesley,
    since you live in Tunis for long time I would like to ask you something. I have a boyfriend from Tunisia and we are together for 1,5 year. Last year I went to his home and stayed over night but we were sleeping in separeted rooms. Now he told me that I can come at summer to visit him for a month, and that he would rent some apartment in touristic place where I would stay with him, his mother and his three brothers. Also he said that we would sleep there together in room, and that even we are not married it's not a problem to his mother so this is ok. But, I don't feel good about this, I have some feeling it's not ok and I am scared I will offend neigbours and they will talk about me bad things ( I am from Europe ). Please, if you can tell me what you think about this I would appreciate it very much.
  • Hi Lesly,

    I want to go to sousse in tunis in the end of arpil - begin may with my husband and 2 friends but can we swim in the sea?
    And can you recommend any nice place to visit while we are there?
  • Hi Lesley,

    I've just been reading through this thread and have found all your information and advice very useful. Thank you!

    I'll be travelling with my husband and 3 children (4yrs, 2.5yrs and 11months) to Skanes. We've been booked into the Sahara Beach hotel on an all inclusive package. We are Muslims and I have just learned that our hotel serves pork and dishes cooked with alcohol, therefore if any cross-contamination takes place it renders all dishes haram - inedible for us. I didn't expect to find pork so easily in Tunisia as its a Muslim country.

    Is serving pork the norm in Tunisian resorts? Do you know of any resorts that don't serve pork around Sousse, Skanes, Monastir, Mahdia etc. ?

    Thank you in advance for your time... Looking forward to hearing your insider knowledge.

  • Hi
    I am thinking of going to Tunisia, Hammamet Yasmine to be precise, in end of October 2013/ beginning of November 2013, I will be travelling with my partner and 4 children, I just wanted to know, is the weather gonna be nice, I don't want too hot, but 20 degrees or around that will be fine, plz post some replys regarding, thanx
  • hi there.
    i have been to hammamet 3times when i was younger and loved it!
    is looking to go back but to yasmin hamamet in october but not wanting it to b too quiet. when do places start to close down for tourist or is it an all year country to come too. and the wether is cooler but is it still sunbathe weather. i would love a tan, which is quiet hard for me! would love to hear some usefull information from you. u seem great!
  • Hi, me and my girlfriend are going to Hammamet on the 28th Aug until the 13th of Sept, was hoping to get some info about the time were going Etc, I understand that we exchange gbp in Tunisia, but how would we pay for transfers from the airport? And also is this a good time to go? Any help will be much appreciated

  • Tunisia is good for tour and travel purpose.You really enjoy the trip of Tunisia.
  • Hi lesley. Feb 2014 Hi i am going to thalssa sousse hotel in sousse wid my 3 children n husband would like to know if its safe there n hw is the weathet going to be am traveling 2/4/14 for 7nites thnx for ur help x

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