How can I send money to philippines? im at turkey now
  • I just want to know how can i send money to Philippines? im living at turkey now...
  • Sorry missed this post as well but if you want to send money quickly there are many Western Union agents in Turkey. Most PTT (Post offices) offer the service as do some banks. Remember though there is a service charge depending on the amount you send and the service you require - money in minutes or next day.
  • You can try checking on or and see if that would work for you..
  • Is it need of a bank account? or can it directly send without using it?
  • For Western Union you don't need a bank account but usually a form of I.D. Look out for the yellow and black Western Union signs at banks and Post offices (P.T.T.)
  • I want to send money to Philippines from Turkey. What should the receiver's requirements to get the money I send?
  • The receiver will need to provide the reference number you get when you send the money plus a standard form of I.D. for the country they are in for Western Union. All the information is on the website
  • I have a friend who want to send money from Turkey to Philippines but it's said that there is no agreement there in Turkey to send money? Why? What should do?
  • Western Union is the standard form of transfer world wide.
  • i wanna to visit turkey, this is my first time to travel. what requirements should i produce? do i need a visa to enter turkey?
  • Hi Lileth

    If you check out the MFA website it should give you all the details you require regarding entry requirements to Turkey for passport holders of different countries.

    This link gives the list of countries that can obtain the visa at the border gates and the cost. But it is a little out of date so you should check with the Turkish Embassy in your country.
  • can ? transfer money from turk?sh banks to philippine banks?and what is the cost for every transactions?
  • Kiz - yes you can but the cost depends on the bank and the amount of the transaction. ?t also needs to be done from a named foreign currency account as the fees have to be paid from the Turkish Lira account. ?f you are in Turkey go into one of the banks and ask about fees etc.
  • hi :) what bank in turkey that is related to the bank here in Philippines to receive money ?
  • As I have suggested before one of the easiest and quickest ways to transfer money to another country is Western Union. A fee is payable but usually doesn't amount to more than the usual bank charges.

    All banks should accept money transfers from the Phillipines but the receiver would need a foreign currency account unless you exchanged your money to Turkish lira before sending. Best to ask at your bank.
  • There are number of money exchange site which are safe and secured,you can try that also you can also try online transaction if you and the one who you wanted to send money has same bank then it would be an easy and fast transaction.
  • As Bunnybenson says there are a number of money transfer websites and services worldwide. Western Union is accepted by most banks and post offices here in Turkey. Othrwisw you need the recipient's bank details here in Turkey and arrange a transfer from your own bank.
  • When I was in Singapore I came across this particular site, Try to pay it a visit maybe it could provide what you might need, haven't tried sending from Turkey though. It was really cheap I only paid 1,171.80 SGD when I sent 40,000.00 for my brothers' (2 of them) enrollment what surprised me really was that I only paid 200.00 PHP (5.83 SGD) for the service fee. It was really surprising because I used to send through Western Union and never went back. I don't know if this could help. Just give it a try, creating an account was free anyway. :D

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