Getting to Cuba - advice please
  • Hello - I am planning a trip to Cuba, can you advise on

    - the best options for flying there from London? Is Virgin the only airline that flies directly? I see KLM also goes but I think via Amsterdam.
    - some good options for hotels within and hour or so of the airport - a good 3/4-star hotel ideally that can be used as a base for travelling around
    - can I just hire a car and travel independently?

    Many thanks, J.
  • There are direct flights from London to Havana, Varadero, Santa Clara, Holguin, Cayo Coco and wherever else I'm forgetting.

    There are several other airlines besides Virgin flying out of London to Cuba. Thomson and First Choice come to mind.

    No clue which airport you want to fly into and no clue re your budget so can't recommend a hotel.

    Renting a car:

  • Lot's of Hotel choice to suit all budgets. Cuba a good place to go for a first time visitor with a great beach and lots of tourist facilities.

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  • Thanks for sharing this interesting post. So valuable thread it is. I really enjoyed it.
  • Dear,
    I am having Indian passport want to visit Cuba on tourist . Can you advice me do i need visa for Cuba.

     I want to plan for 5 days trip .  Please guide what i have to do to get visa..

  • There is no Visa required in the traditional sense, all you need is a simple Tourist Card.

    You can get one from the Embassy in India
    or sometimes from your airline that's flying to Cuba or sometimes it's
    available for purchase at the airport. No way to answer for sure when
    you give no clue as to how how you're flying to Cuba.

    Good luck.



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