Cuba currency exchange (Canadian)
  • Has anyone from Canada been to Cuba latley? I am going in January 2009. How and where did you exchange your money for tips, excursions, cabs, etc? Also what is needed for a fee at the airport when heading back to Canada. When I was in the Dominican 2 years ago, we had to pay $20 American before we were allowed to board.
  • You will need to pay 25 cuc each upon departure.
  • Do you have to pay any money to change over from Canadian money to Pesos in Cuba? I am planning to go also from the US though but I wanted to use Canadian travellers cheques because Cuba charges US people 20% to change over their money.
  • Can I use Canadian travelers cheques(Not American drafted) and cash them in Cuba or do I have to bring all Canadian cash???
  • Can anyone tell me what would the exchange from Canadian to Pasos? I'm going to Havana next week and I would like to get ready
  • When you are in Cuba the exchange rate is canadian to euro but you will get cuban convertible pesos. You will have to pay 25 cuc to leave the country. You can exchange your money right at the resort or an international bank. so right now the euro is at 1.60 so technically for 100.00 cdn you get 60.00 cuc
    Other tips they don't have any peanut butter or I didn't potato chips no spices on their food.
  • $100 Canadian gets you $60 CUC? What... when I checked the exchange today it said that $1 CUC is $0.74 Canadian... it changes daily... here's the link to the Banks site:

    I leave on Wed, Feb 4th for Varadero... does anyone know what the price for cigarettes is there or is it cheaper to just bring my own?
  • Can you use Canadian credit cards in Cuba? ...for day trips and excursions?
  • The rate for exchange was way better at the Western Union office in Varadero than at the airport. Also if traveling to Cuba here's a tip: pack with you,ketchup,mustard, Ranch dressing(or whatever you like) and maple syrup. I was sooo happy I brought that stuff with me!!!
  • The validity of your card in Cuba IS due to the originating bank. For example, if you have a Citibank card from Canada, it will not be accepted in Cuba, because it is first and foremost an American Bank.

    Best to use cash in Cuba!
  • Hello! im going to cuba next week...i need ur help i have only 800 canadian money for 4 days is it enough for 4 days in cuba? and i dont want my passport to get tell me how much pesos is 800 canadian money? email me to my add.

  • Depends where you are coming from but the rate 'googled' was 1.1208 expect to pay a little more at the airport, I would assume 1.15 Can to CUC
    So $800cnd gives 713.80 CUC.

    Is $800 good enough for 4 days...depends on what you do.....should be enough for hotel, food and drinks....not enough if you want to do excursions.
  • I am staying at an all inclusive hotel, do you need money for spending and tips?
  • You can only exchange money while in Cuba, international airports, and most hotels will have a place to exchange. Exchange small ammouts at a time as it may be more difficult to change back. You cannot fly from US to Cuba. It is against US law for a person living in the US (even citizens of other countries) to spend money in Cuba. As a result of the embargo's it will cost you extra to exchange form USD to CUC. You cannot use any american credit cards, Visa and Mastercard may be difficult, Amex is Out Of the Question. Debit cards will not work. When shopping be careful, they have the CUC ( convertible) that we use, and it trades nearly par with the USD, and they have the regular Peso that trades around 40-1, there is a possibility of scamming, you pay with cuc and get back regular peso. There are Buildings on the Convertible, and People on the Regular Peso.
  • Am in America, have US passport, want to go to Cuba from Dominican Republic or
    Central America or Mexico. Will the Cubanos stamp my passport or let me in like
    the Israelis do if you're traveling to and from Arab countries? Does anybody know
    how best to do this?

  • Can I exchange Candadian dollars for CUC's in Cuba using my U.S.A. passport?

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