Visa to Vietnam
  • I am wondering about the cost and time to have a visa of 6 months to Vietnam.
  • Dear Sir,

    May I how many people do you have?

    what nationality are you?

    Pls contact us!

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  • Hi Imogen,
    A couple of questions that might help us answer your original question:
    What nationality are you?
    What type of visa will you be applying for? (Business/tourist/single entry/multiple entry etc...)
    Will you be applying for the visa from your home country or from a different country?
    Will you be flying into Vietnam or do you intend using a land border (China/Laos/Cambodia)?

    The best advice I can give you is that you have a look at these embassy contacts for Vietnam, and then give your local Vietnamese embassy a call and ask them how long the processing times are etc...

    The Vietnamese embassy's page in America states that it takes five working days to process a visa request and issue a visa. When I was in Cambodia it took the Vietnamese Embassy in Pnom Phenh about a week to issue a visa for my South African passport, but there is a consulate in Sihanoukville that issues Vietnamese visas on the same day to US and UK passport holders (and probably a number of other countries too). From what I remember my visa cost me either US$30 or US$40, but that may have changed and it may also be different depending on where you are applying from.

    Hope this helps and write here and tell us about your trip once you've been - it's a fantastic country and the Vietnamese food is some of the best cuisine in the world.
    Also, beware of the coffee - it's got a real kick :)
  • Hi,
    im from malaysia and will tour wif 3 freind to HCM by this coming July. how to apply the tourist visa? fyi we will be there for 4 days 3 night.

  • Yana,

    Malaysian will get landing Visa in HCMC or Hanoi
  • You can now process your visa for Vietnam on line. Google "visa for Vietnam" and you will be able to download a form requesting entry. You'll need to pay 20US$ for the form ..... and have 2 x passport photos.... and 25US$ for immigration on arrival at airport where you will be issued with a visa.
  • Hi I'm going to HCMC in March 2012. Do Malaysian apply for visa to enter ?
    How do I get a visa. Thanks..
  • Yana and Sharie, most citizens of ASEAN member countries (e.g. Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Laos) do not need visas to travel to Vietnam within thirty days. Just come and show your passport, as you would if you were travelling to Singapore or Indonesia. Hope you enjoy your stay! Am going tomorrow for my yearly break. Excited!
  • I am a US Citizen, My husband is a citizen of the UK but lives in America with a valid greencard and resident card, we are going on a cruise to Ho Chi, How will the visa work for him, the ship said I can get one but he can't ?????????
  • Dear Imogen,
    Please inform that the longest validity of vietnam visa at present is 3 months. if you wish to stay longer, you are advise to extend your visa for 3 months. To apply vietnam visa on arrival, what you have to do is fill out application form, pay service fee (USD 30 for 3 month single entry visa, USD 35 for 3 month multiple entry visa) and get your visa approval letter within 2 working days since the day you submit the application.
    Hopefully, this information is helpful for you. if you have any question, please go to
  • Dear Imogen,
    Please tell me your nationality
    I think I could help you in this matter.
  • Why don't you choose visa on arrival Mr. Imogen? I think it is very cheap, convenient and safe. Many websites can support for you, you can seach "vietnam visa" or "vietnam visa on arrival". I hope you have the best choice for your situation.
  • Anyone would like to visit Vietnam now should choose to do Visa on arrival to save their time and cost. It is much more comfortable than doing an Embassy Visa.

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