Overstayed Visa
  • I have overstayed my visa by a year in the UK to help a friend try to get her child in a custody fight. I had file for an extension thru a company that told me it would take up to a year to get but i would be fine. Now I can not find the company online no money was exchanged. She has lost the child & my mom is sick I need to go home to the states. I have no money to get home because have lived off it for a year & helped her with lawyers. Well I be deported back to the USA if I show up at the airport with no money or ticket, arrested or what? How will this effect my visa because I am due to travel to Finland in July. for a few months???
  • You can't expect the British government to foot the bill for your flight home. If you're deported, you may have difficulties returning to the UK in future.

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