hotels in tunisia
  • Hi, 
    I am an american citizen dating a Tunisian man. I just visited him and his family this past month. I plan on visiting him again this summer and we were talking about possibly getting a hotel room for a few days. He tells me we have to buy 2 different rooms but that I can still stay with him in the same room. Is this true? I know you have to buy 2 rooms but can I stay the night in his room without any problems?

  • hi yes you can stay at his room as the hotel will not be responsable about that. both of you are free to stay in one of your rooms as you are completly free to do what you like to do. the responsabilty of the hotel will stand just by the reception desk when they issue two room to you, what is happened upstair is out the hotel control. anything happened between you will be your responsabilty.
    enjoy your stay.

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