Entry visa requirements for Tunisia
  • sorry !! i forgot to tell you that this application form i received from tunisian embassy in beijing!!
  • Rong - I am sorry but I am not qualified to give instructions on this, however, if you have a profession such as a retail assistant, accountant, secretary, tailor something like that then you put that on the form.
  • thanks for your help!!
  • one more question!! my boyfriend want send me money from his count bank on tunisia to my count on china!!can tell me the most simple procedure !!
  • i am a thai woman and i want to go visit my boyfriend in tunisia, i live in the UK, holding a thai passport..
    could you please tell me what documents should i have ar how to do to get a visa to tunisia...
    PS : i don't work currently to provide a letter from my employee.
  • Rong - there is no way he can transfer money from Tunisia. The Tunisian Dinar is a closed currency meaning that it is not exchangeable outside Tunisia. He can't transfer it by internet or by any means. He should know this. There is no facility in this country to send money out!
  • Ampha - in order for you to enter Tunisia you must have a visa before you travel. You should contact the Embassy of Tunisia in London, or go to their website and download the visa application form. This will also give you the documents required for you to travel to Tunisia.
  • Hi

    I have a greek passport.Do i need a visa to go to Tunisia for a vocation?

  • Bella - no, you do not need to get a visa in advance of your travel. As a Greek passport holder you can get your visa on arrival into Tunis.

    Have a great vacation with us
  • Hi,

    I am an Indian passport holder, staying in UK. I will be going on a cruise to 4 Schengen countries which includes France, Italy, Spain & Malta. Tunisia is also included in the itinerary . The cruise will be staying in Tunisia for only 4 hours. And I intend to stay in my cruise during these 4 hour with my baby. The cruise trip is so near that I cannot even think of doing a tunisia visa. In this case, do I need to do a Tunisia visa if I stay inside the cruise? Please help me in this regard.

  • Mita - my understanding is that if you do not disembark then you do not need a visa. however, you should check with the cruise line or with your agent.
  • I am a british national with a UK passport and I am looking for some advice. I am getting married to my Tunisian boyfriend and am planning to move to Tunisia and am not sure what the legal procedure is, can anyone give me some advice?
  • Da - mabrouk. After your marriage your husband will take your passport and probably marriage contract to the local police station and ask for a carte de sejour (visitor stay). This will be issued as a temporary card for 3 months, after this you will apply for another carte de sejour which will be issued for a period of 2 years. During this time you can take citizenship if you wish as you have the right as married to a Tunisian. If you choose not then just before the 2 year card expires you take it back to the police and they will issue you with a further 2 years.
  • I am a Pakistani national and was working in Libya. I applied for transit visa for Tunisia and got refused ( no reason mentioned by the embassy). Is there another way I can get visa on arrival as I am intending to enter Libya via Tunisia.
  • Jaylo - you can ask the embassy for the reason they refused your transit visa. Were you travelling onto Libya the same day by air? Or were you going by road? the crossing between our two countries is difficult at the moment and I wouldn't advise anyone without good cause to go into Libya as there is a lot of trouble with the warring tribes. However, if you have a diplomatic passport then you will be given a visa to enter. Did you give the Tunisian embassy the reason for your transit visa and the dates of onward travel?
  • The embassy has just given me a chance of reapplying again after 1 month. I was planning to travel to Libya by road as my company had made arrangements at the Tunisia-Libya border. I gave the embassy all sort of details but they just simply refused my application without mentioning any reason
  • Jaylo - I would have a letter of support and employment from your company which should assist in your gaining the visa
  • hi am libyan national but am holding UK TRAVEL DOCUMENT i dont have libyan passport do i need visa to vist tunisa
  • Mosab - You can't enter tunisia without a passport (or any other country for that matter). You will need to get your Libyan passport before you travel to Tunisia and then you can have your visa on arrival
  • Hi Lesley do you know what it takes for them to approve a visa and then a permanent residency in Tunisia. I just want to know if I can do it? I heard they look for work there but what if you have your own business already and can support yourself is that enough? I understand you can apply for it but what do you need to get it?
    Also I read you must apply at a tunisian embasy where is Tunisian Embasy? If you are a us citizen.
  • Hello, can you please help as I am receiving conflicting information. My husband and I have a week's holiday booked in Tunisia. I am British, he is South African. Does he need to apply for a visa in advance, or can he get one on arrival in Tunisia? If he does need one in advance, could you tell us where he can get the form and what it costs?
    Thank you for your advice.
  • traveler44 - first you will need to get a carte de sejour (visitor card), you can then renew this for 5 years at which time you may become a permanent citizen. You have to have money in a bank account and retain a certain balance monthly. We are not looking for anyone to work here, we have a very high unemployment rate and jobs do not go to foreign workers if they can be done by a Tunisian.

    As a US citizen you can travel to Tunisia visa free for 3 months and in that time you can gain your visit permit etc.
  • CJ - you as a British passport holder can travel to Tunisia visa free. My latest information is that a person travelling on a SA passport must have a visa prior to entry. He can get the visa from the Tunisian embassy nearest to you. I'm sorry but I don't know the cost but for other nationalities it is usually TD10.000 for 7 days.
  • Lesley, thank you very much for the information :)
  • Hello!
    I am an Indian passport holder with a US green card but I live in Geneva. I would like to visit Tunis for 3 days with my spouse. Can we get a visa on arrival?
  • Jayzee - as an Indian passport holder you must have your visa before arriving into Tunisia. You can do this by applying at your nearest Tunisian embassy
  • Hello , I`m latvian citizen living in the Uk 3 years and want to go on Holiday to Sousse`(Tunisia) this summer .
    I want`to buy flight + hotel through internet ( and not from Tourist agensies ) ,
    so I will have printed my `Hotel Confirmation` with me .
    Do i still need a Visa ?
    Thank you .
  • .. and if I need a visa - where in the Uk I can `make it , only in London ? or any different cities ?
    ( i`m living in the North)
    and how much visa will cost ?
    Thank`s .
  • Orhidey - Yes, you still need a visa. I believe that the only Tunisian embassy is in London and that is where you will need to get your visa from. You can check with the embassy as to the cost of the visa
  • Hey, I am a New Zealand Citizen planning on getting married later this year to my Tunisian partner living in Tunis. I would like to know how I go about obtaining the visa required to enter the country. There seems to be no embassy of Tunisia in New Zealand and the nearest one I can find in Australia does not seem to allow any contact as according to there website contact details. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks, Krystal
  • Krystal - New Zealand nationals must apply for the visa to enter Tunisia with the embassy in Japan
  • Hi, Lesley
    I am a Latvian passport holder, but living in UK for 4 years and i am planning to go for holidays to Tunisia, Scanes. ( to book holidays through Thomas Cook). Do I need a visa? and if yes, can I get it on arrival in Tunisia? Many thanks.
  • Margo - you need to have a visa before you arrive into Tunisia. You should ask with Thomas Cook who may assist you with getting this. Oh and by the way, it doesn't matter where you live, what residency visas you have, it depends on the passport you use.
  • Thanks, Lesley. But I thought I do not need a visa if I am going to book package holiday.
  • Thanks, Lesley. But I thought I do not need a visa if I am going to book package holiday.
  • Margo - you will need a visa and this is why I ask you to check with Thomas Cook as they may be organising a group visa as part of the package holiday.
  • Hello - I am a South African passport holder. I will be on a cruise having a 6 hour stop over in Tunisia. Do I need a transit visa or a tourist visa to disembark for the day?
  • Hi,

    Im a Kenya travelling to Tunisia for business purposes. I am aware I need a visa but my questions is can I apply one on arrival and how long would it take me. If not which neighboring country can I apply at?

  • I really have to know the requirements for me to be there next month. Than you.
  • Hi I'm a New Zealander living in Scotland UK and I know that I need a visa for my weeks holiday I have booked for my daughter (she is on a UK passport) and myself. I recieved the photocopied application from the embassy in London but it is so hard to read I don't if I'm filling in the right information. Is there anywhere else I can obtain a form. The website is not working for down loading forms.
  • Hi Lesley,

    I'm looking to travel to Tunis on 9th June for a weeks holiday with my spanish passport. I understand that I will not need a visa. However, my passport is due to expire 19th september 2012.

    I have read that I need 6 months validity on my passport. However the Spanish ministry for external affairs, IATA and British Airways all state I only need validity for my stay.

    Can you please help?
  • Hi lesley I am a British citizen born in the uk but I am Turkish by nationality with a Turkish passport aswell. I recently travelled to Tunisia and fell in love with the country what is the longest I can stay what visa is required for say 6 months?
  • hi i am an Indian want to travel to Tunisia for 3 months and i have applied for visa also but the Tunisian Embassy is asking for stamp from chamber of commerce so how can i get the stamp from there as i am living in India now and i fall in love with Tunisian women if it possible to get marriage visa or not plz help me
  • Hi,

    I have Indian Passport. Currently, I m doing Post-Doctoral research in University of Pretoria, South Africa. I want to go to Tunisia from South Africa to attend an International conference. I shall be appreciated receiving information regarding which type of visa is required for the above purpose and how can i apply for that.
  • hi priya,
    you will need a just visitor visa for 3 months and thats ez to get from the embassy in S.Africa,you may get the phone number online and ask them the paper work needed.
    if you need any furthure infos please contact me via tall1med@gmail.com and welcome to Tunisia lol
  • hi I am Libyan national but I am holding UK TRAVEL DOCUMENT I dont have Libyan passport, do I need visa to vist Tunisa
  • Bash: you need a passport to travel internationally. If you don't have one, you cannot travel or obtain a visa.
  • hi "libyan" Yes you can if you hold uk travel docs. if you travel alone you need an hotel booking confirmation. even if for 3 days stay. if you arrive in a group of travel agency you don't need a visa. let me know if you need more support

  • Hi,I am a Namibian and going to Tunisia in august to meet up with my boyfriend, he lives in London. So what other documents do I need so I can get a visa? and how much is it, I am only gonna stay for 21 days. We have booked our hotel already.
  • How to book a travel for cheap?

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