Best time to travel in Madagascar?
  • Can you tell me, please if it is ok for New Year period to go to Madagascar? What is the best time to go?
  • Hello,
    My name's Luca. I am a leader of a group of tour guides in Madagascar. If you still plan to go & visit madagascar, the best time is from June to december! My group is called "MadaAccompagnatore" just google it and you'll find out more about us!
  • Madagascar is hot and rainy between November and April so New Years is probably not the best time to go. However, the island's climate varies depending on location so it does depend where you are headed - for instance, the west coast is drier than the east coast, and temperatures are much cooler in the highlands. May to October is generally a pleasant time to visit Madagascar.
  • Best time to travel in Madagascar is April to November. December is also fine. rainy season usually begins some time in December 

  • whrhotel is right, the best time to travel to madagascar is April - December.

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