Budget stay and safe booking in St.Petersburg, Russia
  • Hi! I need a piece of advice - my friends from Germany are planning to come to me to St.Petersburg in the middle of May. They are students and got used to budget hotels and couchserfing, but this time I can't share my flat with them. I need some hotel or hostel - cheap, cool and central. They are on a tight budget, and I need to find something good, cool and rather cheap - hostel/hotel, places to eat, museums etc. I'v? found a nice hostel in Petersburg city center near Kazan cathedral, which seems to be quite affordable - is it worth booking? They don't have online booking, and ask to send them the credit car details as guarantee - is it safe? What would one recommend on a budget around this location?

    I meant this hostel
  • Hi! If you are talking about the hostel near Kazan Cathedral?
    That's really nice place, i can totally recommend it! My friends lived there, it in the center of the city, not expensive (there are also dorms there) and fun!
    There is also a bike rental in there, so you can have a nice trip through Nevskiy prospect with friends!

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