Licensed tourism operators in Madagascar
  • When you intend to use the services of tour operators or individual guides in Madagascar, as per our experience, it is always important to ask if they have been delivered a licensed by the ministry of tourism.
    This is a precaution you need to take because of the political unrest in Madagascar.

    Many individual small operators with very cheap and attractive price would propose you their services without licenses. It will be at your own risk if you have problem as they try to promote themselves very much on the internet
  • How can you find out if they're licensed please?
  • That's is quiet right...however you should know that people like make thier living in guiding tourists, we could never scam tourists at the contrary we'll try to make name, to make ourselves famous abroad.....
    I'm Luc and I'm a licenced tour guide in madagascar. I can organize tour package & car rental as well.

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