Jakarta airport taxes
  • I am flying to Jakarta from Western Australia and getting a domestic flight (1 hr later) to Denpasar. I will get a domestic flight back from Denpasar to Jakarta and on to Western Australia. Does anyone know how much tax I will pay and does it include domestic tax?
  • If you are on transit flight, there will be no domestic tax as far as I know but if you fly to JKT from Bali there will be domestic tax and it varies from one airport to another, around 40.000 or US $ 4 or 5 .Some airport charge less
  • No Airport Tax charge for transit passenger.
    Airport Tax in Ngurai Rai Bali International Airport IDR.45.000
  • Im agree with balitrans,Bali tax now 45.000 other airport,Jakarta an example 150.000 rupie
  • did you change your airlines while ?
    if yes, then you should pay IDR 35,000 /IDR 45,000 (denpasar) for domestic carrier..
    but if same airline carrier, you didn't have to pay airport tax..

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