Visas and Jabs for Namibia
  • I have a UK passport. Do I need a visa to go to Namibia. Are vaccinations necessary or optional?
  • Hi - UK passport holders do not need a visa - just a valid passport. No compulsory vaccinations, unless you are coming from a yellow fever area.
  • i have Nigerian passport do i need a visa to Namibia.
  • tonio - you need a visa to enter Namibia with a Nigerian passport
  • I hold a Portuguese passport. Do I require a visa to come to Namibia?
  • I hold an Israelien passeport and I need a visa to Namibia . Is it possible to get it in Zambia and where?
  • Hi, I'm going to Windhoek in July for a conference. Am planning to take my partner and 12 yo son also. Do we need to take malaria tablets prior to departure? I heard they have side effects.
    Also, is it safe for my partner & son to walk around the city during the day, or better to take a taxi?

  • For all those interested in entry requirements and medical requirements in Namibia: the only vaccination required for entry is a yellow fever jab (if you are coming from a yellow fever area); malaria is a problem and malaria medication is recommended, although some seasons and some regions are worse than others; most nationalities (including American and British) do not require visas for stays of up to three months (business or pleasure), but passports valid for six months are required. Here is a brief overview of Passport and Visa requirements for Namibia.

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