Marriage after meeting on internet - advice please
  • Hi No wahala

    He could not have meet you in the airport as you are picked up outside after having to pay off all the officals

    There is no one but officals and people arriving allowed in arrivels ?????



    PS I have other westerns that can confirm this!
  • This is soooo funny. First of all I understand that Nigerian men are not romantic men and a lot of woman from the states and other countries thrive off that. How can a man love someone that he never met or been around?? I am married to a Nigerian man and there are a lot of things I have learned from him about the culture ( But I met him in the States). One thing I know so well is how far some of the men will go to get there green card or get out of Nigeria, even if it mean telling a woman he love her. lol. I bet if you told him that you wanted to come and live in Nigeria with him that he would stop calling you and cut out all that love stuff. I don't understand why white woman are so gullible to fall for the hype. Also I have seen where Nigeria men play nice once they get out of Nigeria and once they get their papers they start showing there true color. The family most of the time don't see nothing of you but money and a way for them to maybe get out as well because once he leave they see as a way for them to get money and send it back home and hopefully one day divorce you and bring over his real wife and mother...etc. I am sorry to say but take your time and don't trust it.
  • I married a Nigerian man, I was a fool. He was so convincingly sincere, he really fooled me into believing he was such a man of God and that he loved me. I was married to him over 7 years. After he got his citizenship and a child from me, he became a totally different man to me. Towards the end, I started find out many things he hid from me. It was a very shocking and bitter pill to swallow. Ladies, I have learned from personal experience that Nigerian men can pretend for long periods of time. It still is very hard on me to realize that this man that I loved so deeply was only out to use me for money and citizenship, and whoever know what else he was trying to get from me. BE CAREFUL. I was very na
  • Hi,

    Thank you for letting me know. I put my marriage in God' hand. Every marriage couples will face their own problem to which some may end up with the divorce. Yes, when the divorce come to play, we are as a woman will most get the impact. What's I'm trying to say is divorce may happen to the marriage couple regardless where they are from. Marriage life is relied on how the couple educated them self to maintain their marriage to be last long. My husband will be here soon and together we will start our marriage life in Melbourne.

    Kind Regards
  • Hi everyone I'm a South African I just fell in love with this site and Your advises are so interesting just keep them coming
  • just be ware do not get involed with any one that is not in your own country and do not get involed with dating sites where these are
    there a many signs to tell you that they are not who they seam to be

    Run and do not give any money to anyone on the net or dating sites

    be advise africa is a very danagours site

    An do not use Kenya airways to travel there or from africa one of the worst airlines ive every used!
  • Hi Angeleyess,

    It has been long time that I haven't heard any news from you. Are you back in Australia?
    I'm sorry to feel that you may have bad experiences in Africa. Hope you are fine.

    Take care.

    Kind Regards

  • Hi Mandy

    Yes im back in oz and my husband arrive on the 23rd of december

    If I ever have to go back to nigeria I would rather slash my wrist

    The officals made the marriage day a horrable day after exstoring over 64000 niaia out of me and my husband on the first day and that was not the last to come

    The embassy here in Australia have no Idea what they are talking about as once we arrived at the court the offical said if we wanted to do it there way they would deal the wedding for as long as possible till my return here

    The place is full of currpt officals that would rob you and stab you in the back

    All I have to say of the place is to shot all the officals (including the police officers ) and start again

    Worst place on earth!

    I will be around

  • Hi Angeleyess,

    I'm really glad to hear you and your husband back in oz. My husband is still in Nigeria waiting for his visa. Hoping he will be soon with me. I know you had been through unexpected things but the happiness will always be with us. True love will always be survived.

    Take care.

  • Hi Angeleyess,

    I have followed this topic for quite a time, I am a Nigerian women living in Australia, permit me to let out my opinion on some of your posts.
    Nigeria is a large country with both good and bad people. I honestly sympathize with you on the sad experiences you had in Nigeria during your visit but please do feel free to visit Nigeria any time, only that you have to be smarter the next time you visit. I am also glad you finally married the man of your dream.
    I have some points to make here, Nigeria is corrupt, that's indisputable but you made a lot of mistakes during your stay in Nigeria, I honestly do not see any reason why you presumed your husband was too poor to sponsor your marriage in his own country and he was around when money was extorted from you from different officers without any intervention by him?, If this is true then he started scamming you from there, he might have connived with those officers to defraud you with out you being aware of what was happening. Again, I do not know whether he took his time to counsel you like someone he loves, about Nigeria's condition while you were with him in the country.
    I honestly hope and pray the marriage turns out a lovely and lasting one. Nigeria has more good than bad people and please feel free to visit some Nigerian Forums like and get to know Nigerians better there and also ask questions if the need arises.
    For prospective Nigerian wives, please do your research well before going to marry your man and do not allow your self to be seen as a rich and desperate woman, allow the man to do his work.

  • Hi Angeleyess,

    Please, do ask for divine direction for your marriage, same applies to prospective Nigerian Wives.

  • I am married to a nigerian man and we met online. We have been talking for almost two years now. We were married 5 months ago. I have been to Nigeria twice now both times for two weeks. My husband sent me a phone to be able to contact him when i landed. Which i strongly recommend you do that and he made sure i had airtime to put on it. I really enjoyed my stay there and was well worth the trip. I have no regrets of making the trip to him and thankful that he is in my life.
  • Please i need help....I am one of those foolish woman from America that fell in love and still love my husband from Lagos Nigeria...but i have found out some things about him and i need to know how to get a divorce or an annulment from this marriage...I went to Nigeria the first time to meet him and it was my first time flying any where and i was never afraid...After staying there for over a week he asked me to marry him and i accepted....On October 11th 20012 we were married in Lagos Nigeria and i stayed with him until November 14th....but this time when i left him at the airport i did not feel like he really loved me or was going to miss me..i felt like he was glad to be rid of me....i cried the whole way home...but after i arrived home we con't to talk as much as we could till after Christmas...then the talks grew fewer and fewer...i seen how he has to live there and i loved him so i started sending him money and since i live on a fixed income borrowed money when i could to send him too...but now it has became too much and i cannot con't supporting two families and he is a lot younger than me and I need to let him go...He needs to marry someone his age and have a family...i was hoping i could give him a child but i cannot..cos we have tried....This is the hardest thing for me to do cos i do love him so much..but i need to get a divorce or an annulment to set him how can i do that....any info or advise would be greatly appreciated....i cannot discuss this with him cos he will just talk me out of it like he has done before...and if he is using me for a green card it is going to take a long time cos of the money you need for all the applications and visas and passport.....and yes i know of the scams there and i know what he has done in the past and probably is still doing....but i will never turn him in cos of the way their government is is all corrupt and when they have a job they do not get paid what they should get paid for the amount of work they do...and again i have seen this ....There is so many young ones there that the government should be helping and don't...there is a lot of talented and smart children there that could really make a difference in their country if they were given the proper education and funding.....i am just a stupid American Woman who needs to let her young husband any advise will help...thank you....
  • i have red all of the comments on this page and they all are good advice, but what i want to no is how is the mens in benin city i have just met a man on fb and we have been chatting for 3 month he tells me he loves me and he want me to come and see him but i am afraid that he is not who he says he is i have seen pic of him and i have talk to his brother, but i would like some advice should i go there and meet him or just for get about him he seem like a nice guy hes in college, i really would like to meet him but if it is a scam then im out. =((
  • am really feeling real down now ,would have cried if I was still a kid.i am a Nigerian based in southafrica,i got a lady online she is from Australia,we hv been dating long time,i send her gifts once in every month,i hv neva asked her for money or complained,she wants me to come to Australia bt it wnt be dt easy as it could be for her to com here.i told her to com to southafrica so we could marry n she can go bak with the documents,i promised to pay her flight I am scared cus if she read all dis stories about Nigerian I will loose her.pls my fellow Nigerians les stop dis scams pls:'(
  • Hi pals. i have read various comment about Nigerian scam n all that. you are right if you say that,however, there are many Nigerians who are just all you need to make a perfect relationship in life. I live in the uk and i met a lady from the US and it was all online stuff. our first meeting i had to send her money for the flight. its all about you knowing what you want and identifying ways of getting details about that you really want. However, My only advice is don't send money to anybody either Nigeria or not for the first time. if you are a lady, let the man do the money aspect. if your trip is $1000, tell him to pay 70%. if he goes with that, find more details about him and hope for the best. Good Luck.

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