Passport expiry dates for entering Italy
  • If my daughter has an Australian passport but it only has 40 days left on it can she still enter Italy. We plan to leave well before it expires
  • dear Robbie
    have nice day

    no you doughter can not leave with 40 days to expire
    at least must have 6 month valid passport

  • Hi Robbie - correct, you will not be able to enter on that passport. You need to apply for a Temporary Passport, then get a full passport when you return.
  • my passport expires Feb. 2010 and has my maiden name, will travel to Rome, Italy Oct. 2009; will I be able to use this passport or will I need to renew my passport+
  • Betty, you must renew it in your new name.
  • My passport expires Sept 2009 and I will travel to Italy June 2009 for 2 weeks retunring 20th June. Will I be able to use this passport or will I need to renew my passport?
  • ?f you have the return ticket that shows you will be leaving the country after 2 weeks, there should'nt be a problem at all.
  • I am travelling to Italy from the US on May 22, 2009 and returning June 2, 2009. My passport expires November 9, 2009. Is this acceptable for entry into Italy and returning home to the United States?
  • If you have a US passport you can enter any Schegen country as long as you have at least 3 months on your passport. Take a look at the State Department's website.
  • Hi,

    My passport expires on 17th May 2010. I am travelling to Italy (Naples) on August 21st 2009 and returning to UK on 4th Spetember 2009. Am i okay for this..
  • Hello,
    i'm a Russian citizen, but have a permanent residence permit in Finland; my passport expires in mid August 09, will there be any problem on entering Italy at the beginning of July for 10 days?

    thanks, Val
  • Hi, we are travelling to Rome in September and we are from Canada, me and my son are both citizen but my husband is a landed immigrant and from the Phillipines. Is there anyone know if we he needs a visa to enter Rome or Italy.
  • I have a philippine passport with UK Residence Documentation valid until 2014. I'm going to Italy with my italian husband june 29-july 30 and according to Italian embassy I don't need a visa. But my passport is expiring in Nov 2009. Will this be okay?
  • I have a Uk temporary passport travelling to italy on monday , is that ok?
  • We are travelling to Italy on July 21st for 2 weeks. My childrens passports expir in early September. Is this ok or do they need more time left on their passports?
  • Hi dears,
    Hope you all are doing very well,
    Me Peerzada, let,s tell me about all information about open new immigration italian embssy in 1st septembe to 30 september 2009, any body help me about giving infromation , what are requirments about immigraion applied with form,,,,, How could i apply for immigrtion or work permit....


  • I'm traveling to Italy from US on November 2, 2009 and returning on November 11, 2009. My passport expires April 3, 2010. Is this acceptable for entry into Italy and returning home to US?
  • we are travelling from the US to Italy tomorrow but my 5 year old who is dual national has expired passports. Her US passport expired in November and her UK passport expired on Dec 1, 2009 can she still travel to Italy????
  • If I have a resident permit for The United Kingdom, do I need a visa to enter Italy?
  • Both my husband and I aswell as our little boy were all born in the UK but live in Australia, my Daughter was born over here and as we all hold Permanent residency that makes my daughter an Australian citizen and therfore entitled to an Australian passport. In may we fly to the UK to meet up with family before flying onto USA for my daughters birthday and then back to the UK for another week before returning home to Australia.

    My husband seems to think my little girl will struggle getting into the States as she will have a different passport and thinks she will need a seperate visa? Can anyone shed any light on whether he is worrying for nothing or if i need to worry too!!
  • Hi, I am planning on traveling to Rome and Paris near the end of March 2010 for a week. I will be back to US by the early April 2010. I am a holding a Singapore passport, and it is due to expire on the end of June 2010, do I need to renew my passport?

    Thank you for your help,

  • Hi, I just renewed my passport and it was issued on March 1, 2010. I plan on traveling to Italy during mid-August 2010. Is this enough validity time before traveling, or must it be at least 6 months? (By mid-August I will be just 2 weeks short of the 6 month milestone). Thanks!
  • I'm a NZ citizen having my passport expiry on 22/11/10 and I'll be travelling to the UK, France and Italy in May. I'll be leaving Rome on 23/5/10 for HK (1 day short of 6 month) and I've got my air-ticket. Would that be alright for me or I need a renewal of my passport?
  • hey all,

    im travellin to italy on the 22nd of may but my passport expires on the 22nd of august im i ok or must i renew it??
  • Hello
    I am in a real predicament. I am due to fly to Rome (from London) on 1/5/10. I am Irish and my Irish passport expired six months ago. I have just applied for a renewal in my married name. The problem is that there is a dispute on at the moment in the Irish Passport office and I am being told I may not have my passport for another 12 weeks. The passport office will not issue emergency passports for any other reason other than genuine family emergencies e.g. sickness or death. My holiday is booked and paid for and it is for my nephew's wedding. Can anyone advise? Would the airline allow me to fly with expired passport or should I check with Italian Embassy? Regards.
  • Just booked a holiday in Italy for July (i week ). My passport expires in August . Due to industrial action here in Ireland there are long delays in renewing passports .Our travel agent says there must be six months validity left on the passport , but the passport office site says that no EU member state can set limits on the validity for those travelling from other member states . Confused ..
  • I am looking to travel to Milan on the 1st May and return 4th May my (Irish)passport expires the 7th May will I be able to travel......please
  • Do I need any other photo ID (ex: drivers licence) in addition to my US passport for a trip to Italy?
  • i am travellin to italy fom ireland on the 21st of october 2010 for 5 days but my passport is out of date in march 2011 will i be ok to travel?
  • my passport expires in june 2011 and im going to italy for 4 days n few weeks will i need a new passport goin from ireland to italy??
  • I will be leaving for Italy on March 2 and will return 13 March. My US Passport will expire in July 2011. Do I need to renew? Nancy
  • Hi!!

    I come from Poland but live in London, and I'm about to fly to Rome in October with my choir to sing for pope... my friend told me that I will not be able to enter Italy because my passport expired, but I have polish ID of mine and I was able to easily enter Germany and England on it. So my question is.. Is my friend right? or the right is on my side and I can enter Italy on my ID without any problems.

    Thank you!!
  • MY son is travelling to Italy in march next year bur will only have months left on his passport on his return, does he need to renew it?
  • MY son is travelling to Italy in march next year bur will only have 5 months left on his passport on his return, does he need to renew it?
  • Friends keep telling me you need 6 months left on your passport. We are travelling to Canada and have been assured by Canadian Immigration this is not so for Canada. Can you confirm it. Their trips (seperate) were Bale/Italy and India
  • I am going to Italy for two weeks on the 26th May 2013 my passport runs out 25th June 2013 do I need to renew it?
  • Hi Carol,
    I'm not sure where you hail from, which makes specific advice difficult but have a look at this Passport and Visa Overview for Italy. Technically you should be fine to travel on your current passport. The reason travel authorities generally suggest having six months remaining is because sometimes ground staff apply different rules and you can be unlucky. Many countries actually specify that you need three or six months but Italy is not one of them.
  • I live in US and I have US green card and Israeli citizenship.
    I would like to travel to Italy in August, but my passport expired 1.5 month ago and all Israel's consulates are on strike during last two months.
    May I travel to Italy with expired Israel's passport in this situation?
  • For US citizens they can visit Italy without visa for 90 days with valid passport. So a valid passport is necessary for everyone.

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