Do Americans require a visa for entry to The Maldives
  • HI,

    I would like to know the entry visa to maldives? Is it free for US holding passport?
  • Hi Vannida!

    Yes, it is free to enter Maldives for 30 days regardless of the nationality. Tourist Visa is stamp on your passport upon arrival. Are you planning to visit Maldives soon?
  • Me n my wife are planning to go maldives this aug. still planning to stay which resort. Any suggestion
  • Hi Limruu,
    There are so many incredible resorts in the Maldives - it can be difficult to choose and it really depends on what price range and general atmosphere you're looking for. Some resorts cater to families, others are ideal for couples etc. What kind of holiday are you planning? Check out this Madives Travel Guide for some background on a few of the most popular resorts.

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