information needed on marriage in Tunisia
  • I am a canadian, living in Ontario. I have been on google for an hour now :P. I am in a relationship with Tunisian man for a year now, we met online and have been skype-ing everyday, I met his family online and his friends as well, so they know our situation. He asked me to marry him with his best friend beside him, and I said yes. And now I am trying to find information what I need to marry my fiancee. I have tried to do marriage search on ServiceOntario site, it did give me that option to click on search, but it just didn't go through, I have never been married and I have no way to prove it, only thru "Certificate of no impediment" and I don't know how to get this. My fiancee and his family are helping me go there, and that I will be well taken care of. I have that option to move to Tunisia, as he doesn't care where he is, as long as we are with him, I'm a single mother in Canada, and he has a good job. He's met my family through Skype as well. What can I do? or where can I go to get this "certificate of no impediment"? Can I get this in Canada Embassy in Tunisia? would I need to have proof that I am single? :P oh wow, I am getting a headache lol. I love him very much, and so do my children. Please if any woman in ontario, canada has gone through this, can you please help me step by step :) yep carols stuck lol
  • I know you have said this plenty of time on here but I am confused on all the papers needed to get married in Tunisia. I am a us citizen planning to marry a man from Tunisia. He has told me plenty of times the visa for US is not important and wants me to move there by him. What I am worried about is the papers needed for me to marry him. Why do they need to be dated within 21 days? That is the main thing that confuses me. I think I have all my papers that I need for myself like birth certificate, past marriage and divorce papers and passport. But all my papers are dated from before. Is that going to be an issue? Also the blood test that needs to be done...Can I do that here in the US before I go there or does it need to be done there?? 
    Thanks for all your time!
  • Hey please I am american and I wanna marry my tunisian fiancé please what I can doo..thanks
  • Ashton, all the details you need to know are here Good luck
  • HI,im an algerian guy,i want to get married with an irish woman in tunisia,so what do i need to do?
  • Hassai your wife needs a certificate if non impediment  CONI also known as a Nulla Osta  ( this is a legal certificate that says she is free to marry) if  and if your wife lives in Northern Ireland she must make an appointment at the register office. If your fiance is from southern Ireland (Eire) she will get the the CONI from here Consular Section, Dept of Foreign Affairs, St Stephens Green, Dublin 2. Phone +353-1-4082568 9.30-12.30 Mon-Fri
    You also require proof from your country that you are free to marry.
    Here is a list of documents for both of you.
    Birth Certificate dated within 3 months, divorce papers  or death certificate of previous spouse (if applicable),
    certificate of no impediment, 
    Medical Certificate This is a medical certificate establishing eligibility to contract marriage. This certificate must have a maximum validity of two months at the time of marriage. Each party must be free of any contagious diseases (primarily tuberculosis and syphilis), alcoholism and mental illness. The City Hall in Tunis or all other cities will provide this. . All doctors practicing in Tunisia are authorized to perform these medical examinations.
    Your wifes documents must be translated into French or Arabic.
    If you need more information let me know

  • thx for ur advice,but im algerian could i get married in tunisia?
  • Yes Algerians can marry in Tunisia. You will need to rent an apartment in Tunisia as you and your fiancee cannot stay in a hotel together before you are married.
    All the best
  • thx,is there an embassy of ireland  in tunisia?,if so give me the adress pls to take an appointment.
  • All visa applications from Tunisia for Ireland are made on line look here

    I asked you previously if your fiancee was from north or southern Ireland as this can make difference to the visa application. 
  • she is from southern ireland
  • That's fine then you apply on line as per the link I gave above.
    حظا سعيدا  (good luck)
  • thnk u very much
  • Hey . Salam alykum . Im tunisian . And I have american girlfriend . Does marriage is hard? Much told me is so hard that I go live with her after the marriage . Pls I need informations . Beautiful evening for all
  • Noudine, her is the information your American girlfriend will need to enable her to marry you in Tunisia.

    It is difficult to join your wife in the USA after marriage.I suggest your wife speaks to a lawyer in the US for advice on how to proceed.
  • Hello I am getting married to a Tunisian man and I'm going there in February. Do I need to have all my papers French or Arabic before I go or can I do them there?
  • You can have all your documents translated into French or Arabic in Tunisia, it is usually a lot cheaper.
    The documents are translated by sworn translators, the marriage office or your embassy will have a list of translators. The translations are usually done very quickly and efficiently.
  • Can you tell me which is easer being married at the Emmbasy or at a home thanks? :)
  • I don't know what country you are from but it it is highly unlikely that you can marry in your countries Embassy in Tunisia as Tunisian marriages are recognised in the USA, European countries, UK , Australia, Arab countries etc.

    Tunisian marriage are not religious they are civil marriages legally registered under the provisions of Tunisian law 57. If you want a religious ceremony you must arrange that separately

    Foreigners and Tunisians marry at the Municipality marriage office occasionally the official Registrar comes to the house to conduct the civil wedding. Some couples then have a party at a restaurant or home but if they have the traditional three day wedding there are more rituals to follow.

  • Okay thanks yes I am a american Girl marring a Tunisian Man.  So we should just marry at the Embassy and then have a celabration at the home?
  • Theresay2000 , I will explain again more clearly. The US Embassy in Tunisia DOES NOT marry people. There are NO embassy marriages in Tunisia.

    Weddings in Tunisia are carried out at City Hall (Municipality marriage office) NOT in the embassy.

    You can have a party in a restaurant or hotel you DO NOT have to have your wedding party at home.

    Please read my first post again as you obviously did not understand . I hope this post explains it more clearly

    Here is some advice from the American Embassy in Tunisia 
  • Hi i live in the England uk can anyone please tell me how long after my divorce do i have to wait before i can marry my Tunisian boyfriend 
  • The day you receive your Decree Absolute from the English divorce court is the day you can marry. there is no waiting period once the Decree Absolute has been issued.
  • Thank You 

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