Women travelling in Morocco
  • I disagree with the last post.
    You do not need a guide to walk into the medina. Although it is a very large and sprawling place you will see so much more going it alone. You most certainly wil get lost but there are many exits and entrances which encirle the main square.
    It is more fun shall we say to get lost as you will see many things which no guide will show you.
    Th role of a guide is to show you only some of the notable sites and then take you into one of his extended family's shops, namely herbalists and carpet sellers. These are what is termed "rip-off merchants" who will over charge you on anything you buy. There is a saying that the guide will "look after you" by negotiating with a seller on your behalf. As you will not know what they are saying to each other you cannot be certain that he is looking after your best interests, especially as he will be speaking (more than likely) to one of his relatives.
    Going it alone gives you the chance to see what is available, compare prices, compare quality and more importantly to haggle and agree your own price for an object.
  • hi every one  I'm a moroccan guy and I'm here to refix some people's doubts about us or about people that I at least know ...I was jusst surfing in the inernet when I found this I've read a lot of cmments _not all of them_ I must thank the majority of them they mentioned my land so pleasantly .
    According to the place that I work in I meet a lot of tourists from various contries ( they do that strategy of smile and walk )we know it all ....acctually  none's gonna talk to you if you didn't we are helpful you can ask anyone if you were lost and he's gonna give you all his time  not because he looks for a VISA  or your money but because we know deeply inside that we are humans and we need each other help....you can dress whatever you want that's your besiness but I ask u to respect my relegion that a lot of Moroccans themselves don't do. there is no safe place or unsafe place even Morocan girls can be harassed if it's too late at night - the same anywhere in the world-- it's all safe ..
    Real facts .the Morocan response for a tourist being insulted or assaulted is tougher and they will bring you the crimminal as soon as they can....we don't get the same when we are assaulted or ........
    We are not Arabs ..the 70 per cent of us are berbers as I 
    an australian woman has commented negatively on the Berbers and I was really offended by that but it's obvious that she doesn't know us and she has never met any one of my people... may Allah forgive her .
    if there is anyone well treated in Morocco by the Autorities they would be tourists. take care .
  • Morocco is much safe for everyone, I am also a female, and like to share my very last four days morocco holidays tour that is start from Marrakech and ends in Fez my brother also was with me. We start it on 13th, Aug this year from Marrakech and end of first day in  Ouarzazate, and next day morning we move from Ouarzazate and day off in Gorges du Todra, we stay there and start continue next day from Gorges du Todra to Merzouga Dunes, 4th days our tour we start from Merzouga Dunes to Fez. It was very nice and well planed tour ever travelled by me.

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