Israeli stamp on passport entrance in Egypt
  • Hi,

    I'm planning to travel to Egypt and I'm expected to enter from Cairo International Airport.
    I'm Italian and I've an Israeli stamp on my passport.
    Could I have any problem at the border control? Furthermore, should I've a Visa from the Egypt embassy before going or I can buy a Visa once at the airport in Cairo?
    Tnak you to everyone
  • hi,
    i'm George Emad
    Ideal tours.

    you are welcome at any time in Egypt 
    and there is no problem in visa u can get it from the airport in Cairo

  • hi 
    i am Alaa Elwany 
    Travel Egypt company 
    there is no problem at all ,having any stamp on your passport 
    and you are welcome at Egypt any time .
    you can get visa at airport you just buy the stamp and that's it . 
  • Hi im Myra,, my boyfriend is planning to go philippines and from there he will take me to scotland.i just want to know if i still have to get visitors visa for UK Even if i fly with him??
  • Hi Myra,

    Are you from the Philippines? Whether or not you travel with your boyfriend doesn't make a difference to your visa status. Even if you were married you would still need to get one.
  • Hi, I am from Nigeria and have visited Israel, will this be a problem trying to get into Sham El Sheikh? 

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