I want to divorce my tunisian husband to remarry
  • Iam currantly married to a man that used me for a visa, he is now illegally living in uk as his visa expired we split in first year of him coming here and I went to leave in tunisia and met another man we have been together 2 years and we want to marry! So I've come back to uk to divorce my husband, but I've heard I need to register my divorce in tunisia to marry my boyfriend. How do I do this??? Hope someone can help
  • You need the help of  Tunisian lawyer for this. I have been to the Tunisian court records office with a Tunisian woman friend and its a nightmare without a lawyer.My friends lawyer charged her the equivalent of £30 this was in 2011.

    Sorry to say Tunisians want to come UK or Europe I hope husband number two is a keeper. Good luck.
  • Hi thanks for you reply! Did u manage to register your divorce? And where is the courts record office?? Thanks
  • The divorce was registered in Tunisia and my friend got her divorce decree from the Court record office.

    I do not have the address of the court office in Sousse as we went both times with the lawyer. The lawyer who helped my friend is  : -
    Anouar GHACHEM  his email is <anouar-ghachem@orange.fr> He spoke good English and was very pleasant and helpful.
  • Thanks for that, I will email him tomorrow. Can I ask did your friend divorce in uk. As this is what I'm doing and someone has just told me that I can't register my uk divorce there, sorry for so many questions, I'm just so stress and don't want my partner getting in trouble as I'm still legally married in tunisia.

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