Visa requirements for Entry
  • My wife and I are coming to Tunisia on British passports for the first time. Do we need Visas or pay for a visa on entry as one does when entering Turkey or Egypt? If so how much is it.
    We are staying at the Royal Kenz Hotel in Jinene-El Kantaoui in early June, flying into Monastir, any information on this hotel/resort area would be welcome - will the sea have warmed up by then?
    We are keen on site seeing and ancient monuments etc - less on the clubs and bars etc., so any recommended 'must see' trips would be appreciated. Does anyone know what the snorkelling/diving is like in this area?
  • Banksman - as you are coming on British passports you can enter visa free for a period of 3 months. Lucky you!!

    The sea will be perfect so you will enjoy swimming in the Med very much. Must see trips: Tataouine, Matmata, Karouan, Douz and the Sahara - should I continue. For a snapshot take a louage to the capital and wander the old city and then look around Carthage. If you have lots of time then I have lots of ideas!!

    I'm not sure about snorkelling/diving as we don't have any reefs or tropical fish but I am sure that it can be arranged to take you out to see whatever is there.
  • Banksman- Some UK flights will give you a landing card to fill in on the plane my advice to you is FILL IT IN otherwise you will only end up filling this in the Q for customs you will have a stamp in your passport although entry is free
    (FYI) When you go out to the arrivals area some locals will attempt to "Help" you with You trolly Thay do ask for a tip though so be warned the power of the £ is 2:1 1 Pound is 2 Tnd Things are cheap however Drink is not due to a Large import Tax

  • I am hoping to travel to Tunisia with my husband who has a British spouse visa, does he still need a Tunisian tourist visa as he does not hold a British Passport? Any information would be greatly appreciated
  • hi, i'm plannin on taking my mum on holiday to Tunisia, around the first week of june.. We live in the UK but my mum has a Zambian passport with an indefinite resident stamp, how would we go about gettin a visa here? Will it be possible? If anyone can help it will be greatly appreciated...thanks..
  • Bamabi24 - it will depend on which country your husband holds a passport for. Some are able to get a visa on arrival, others are visa free. It has nothing to do with his spouse visa but everything to do with his actual passport.
  • Sadiyah - even if your mother has a resident stamp it is her country of passport that counts. You should check with the Embassy of Tunisia for the requirements for her passport and entry
  • Thanks Lesley, i thought as much that i'd have to do that. I'll give the embassy a call first thing on Monday morning. I just hope that it wont be a difficult process and we'll be able to get the visa here.
  • iam going to Tunisia in may i am travelling on a Irish Passport do i need a visia?
  • Shin, you do not need a visa. Travelling on an irish passport entitles you to a stay of up to 3 months.
  • I am a South Afircan, living in UK, have an EEA family visa. Do I need to apply at the embassy for a visa, before departure?
  • saffa - I presume you are travelling on your South African passport and if so, it doesn't matter about any visas you have in their. You will need a visa but you can purchase this on arrival at Tunis airport. It will give you up to 30 days and it will cost you TD35.000. Foreign currency is not accepted and they will tell you to go through immigration to the arrivals hall, change your money and then come back and pay. they will hold your passport at the visa counter. Just be aware that they never have change!! So make sure the bank gives you some TD5.000 (coins).
  • Hi Lesley, thanks for the advice.I have contacted the Tunisian embassy in London, and they said that I have to get a visa, and it will cost me £20. Do they routinely say this to avoid any hassels at their end?
  • I'm going to attend a conference in Tunisia in May and holding a malaysian passport. Do I require a visa to enter Tunisia?
  • I am going to tunisia from the uk and my kids have united arab emirates passports do they need a visa ?
  • John, I am going to Tunisia in may 2010, I have Tanzanian visa do they need a visa, if so can I get upon entry? Thank you
  • Saffa, sometimes it can be worth getting your visa before you arrive. It can save much time at the airport on arrival. I've known some to wait up to 1 1/2 hours to get their visa and the cost looks like it could be slightly less than here.
  • Husna - Malaysian passport holders do not require a visa to enter Tunisia.
  • Kerry - your children as UAE passport holders do not require a visa, however, if they are travelling without their father you may like to get a letter from him giving permission for them to travel. Are their names in the passport the same as yours? If not this can get a little complicated as you will be questioned in that regard. You may like to contact the embassy in Abu Dhabi for further information
  • John, as a Tanzanian passport holder you need to pre-purchase a visa prior to arrival into Tunisia. Contact the nearest embassy or download the visa application forms with the correct documentation and it should be fairly easy and quick
  • I am a U.S. citizen travelling on a U.S.passport. Is it really 6 months to expiration date? I have read in mumerous places including Tunisia's oficial tourist site that 3 months is all that is needed.Any clarification would be appreciated. Thanks
  • JC - my advice is to have 6 months at least on your passport. US passport holders can visit Tunisia visa free for 3 months so it doesn't make sense to me that they would accept your passport with only that amount of valid time.
  • hi me and husband live in the uk but wish to travel to egypt or turkey on holiday in the summer my husband is tunisian and would be traneling on his tunisian passport does he need to get another visa befor travel to these countries
  • Chaz - as your husband travels on his Tune passport he does not need a visa for Turkey but he will need to get a visa for Egypt before he travels.
  • hi i am planning a trip for me and my grandparent to gafsa Tunisia (for them to meet my boyfriend that lives there) from canada do we need any documents besides our passports we are only looking at staying for 2 weeks when is the best time to travel there is it safe in gafsa? where is the best places to see and experience around that region, ive been looking on the internet but cant really come up with anything, and got kind of concerned when i google it and see a photo of a military tank... also i am going to meeting his family for the first time and have no idea what kind of clothes to wear.. help please
  • amie - as Canadian passport holders you do not need a visa for stays of up to 3 months. I know Gafsa quite well, it is a large city, fairly industrial but they do have some interesting Roman baths there. It is in the south of Tunisia and I would suggest April/May or October/Nov the best times. In the summer the heat there is scorching sometimes in excess of 45oC so you can't do much. If you want to see around the area you will really need a car as it takes a long time on the louages (small buses). Your boyfriend should be able to organise some very interesting trips for you. You can easily get to Sbeitla where the Roman ruins are excellent - you could almost spend the whole day there. Don't worry about the tanks. The army is on our side and is just protecting financial institutions/banks that kind of thing. It is safe to come here now.

    You should wear very modest type clothing for meeting his family. If they are traditional and conservative they will really appreciate this. There is no need for you to wear the scarf but long loose pants/skirts with tops that cover your chest and to your elbows will be good. Also depending on when you come you should bring something warmer for the nights. Gafsa is in the desert region and can get very cold during the evening.

    If you have more questions then just let me know, I'm happy to help
  • I am going to Egypt in April 2011, I have Congolese passport nd indefinite leave in UK visa do they need a visa, if so can I get upon entry? Thank you
  • Hi, I am traveling on an Australian Passport and will be arriving into Tunis Carthage Airport next month.
    I realise that I'll be requiring a Visa On Arrival, and due to the currency restrictions, how will I go about exchanging money when I get there to pay for the Visa. Are there currency exchange counters before immigration for you to do this. Also, how much will the Visa cost?
    Thanks for your help
  • Oliver - when you arrive into the arrivals area go directly to the visa counter. they will hold your passport and direct you to go through immigration to the arrivals hall. Here you will find exchange desks, banks and atm. You can then exchange for Tunisian dinar (rare for them to accept Aus $ though) so I advise that you carry either EU/BPS or US. Or, if you have an atm card then you can withdraw in dinars. A visa for 7 days costs TND10.000 or for longer (an Aussie can only get 1 month visa)up to 1 month TND35.000. Make sure you have the exact amount for your visa as they will always tell you they have 'no change''s a good scam!!! It can take some time to process the visa so you should keep hassling them but politely! Hope you enjoy your stay here
  • hi i had an islamic marriage 5weeks ago my husband is tunisian he got his tunisian passport today if in the near future he would like to come visit me for 30days in UK what will he need please also in december im goin over to kasserine and am interested in knowing what i need to do if i decide to sell my property here in UK and start afresh over there im 61 please help jackie
  • Jackier - there is no such thing as an Islamic marriage - do you mean orfi marriage or a contract? If an orfi then that is not a legal marriage, if you had a notaire and a contract signing then yes this is a marriage contract which is legal. There is no hope for your husband to visit you for any length of time to be honest...............visitor visas for Tunisians to go to the UK are impossible. You should go to this website which will give you much information on this:

    So I am going to be brutally honest here - I'm guessing that your husband is much younger than you? Have you visited Tunisia for any length of time? the way of life here is very, very different and Kasserine whilst it is a big city does not have many foreigners. Are you prepared for this? If you want to discuss this then I would be happy to have you email me. Please use:
  • hi im going to Tunisia in dec, im living in united arab emirates and i am travelling on a Philippine Passport do i need a visa for entry? thank you
  • hi i am Filipino citizen holding a Philippine passport i want to ask if
    there is possibility that i can get a visa going to Tunisia i have an
    employer there they want to get me to take care of their kids what visa
    do i need to get i have already my contract, the flight reservation
    ticket as well as my passport please can you help me on this matter? i
    will wait your reply thanks god bless and more power
  • hylow am pakistan national holding italian card .i want to visit tunisia its my first time .do i require visa for tunisia ?
    thank you 

  • Here is the latest list of nationals who can enter Tunisia without obtaining a visa before travelling.

    Philippine and Pakistan citizens most definitely need to apply for a visa at the Tunisian Embassy in the country where they reside.
    Jas99, holding an Italian residence card does not give you the rights of an Italian citizen when you travel. You still need to apply for a Tunisian visa.
  • Can a Venezuelan passport holder enter Tunisia and
    obtain the necessary visa on arrival or must this be prearranged before travel?

    I’m living in Denmark.

    Please if you can give a link I appreciate it.


  • Venezualans do require a visa to enter Tunisia , you need to apply at the Tunisian embassy in your home country
  • thanks for reply. do you know what country can I get a visa in Monastir airport?
  • sorry wich country can get a visa entry in the airport?

  • You do NOT need a tourist visa for Tunisia  if you belong to one of the following countries: Algeria, Antigua, Austria, Bahrain, Barbados, Belgium, Belize, Bermuda, Bosnia & Herzegovina, British Virgin Islands, Brunei Darussalam, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Cote d’, Croatia, Denmark, Dominica, Falkland Is, Fiji, Finland, France, Gambia, Germany, Gibraltar, Gilbert Islands, Greece, Guinea, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland Rep, Italy, Japan, Kiribati, Korea (South), Kuwait, Libya, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mali, Malta, Mauritania, Mauritius, Monaco, Montenegro, Montserrat, Morocco, Netherlands, Niger, Norway, Oman, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Saint Helena, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & Grenadines, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, Slovenia, Solomon Is, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United States, Vatican City and Yugoslavia. 
    Nationals of Australia and South Africa can obtain their tourist visa upon arrival at the airport, but double check with the Tunisian Embassy.

    What documents will be required?
    Your passport must be valid for at least six months after you enter Tunisia. You will get a stamp in your passport upon entry into the country (make sure you get it) which will allow you to stay for 3 months. No entry fees are charged.

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