B&B in Cuba
  • HI i would like to share with everybody the excelent impresion i had with the Andarin, http://www.elandarin.com they have an optional system that i needed no reservation more than the first one, the service is excelent, all the B&B are perfectly coordinated. At first i was not sure about that, then i aimed to write them. Take a look and enjoy.
  • More resources... For casa particulars (Cuban version of a Bed & Breakfast), local
    guides and other local services and info have a look here:

    1.) http://www.cuba-junky.com/

    2.) http://www.yourowncuba.com/

    3.) http://pototocuba.com/Pototow/

    4.) http://www.jorge-cubaholidays.com/

    5.) http://www.cubaccommodation.com/

    6.) http://www.havanacasaparticular.com/

    7.) http://www.destinohabana.com/

    The list goes on and on...

  • Hi there,

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    They also assist you to design your entire travel across Cuba.

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  • Hi...
    The Private Rental Houses are the most affordable form of accommodation in Cuba. It is very interesting if you are interested to know the Cuban reality. 
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  • If you travel to Cuba for holidays you must stay private rent houses, is the only way you can meet the cuban reality, the real cuban people, their problems, their friendship, their human heat. Cuba is a wonderful country for vacation, very safe and very nice.
    I organized my stay in Cuba with Casas de alquiler en Cuba, an enterprise very profesional, they search an accommodation for you in less than 24 hours.

    Good Luck!

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