Indian visa requirements
  • i have been offered a job india but i have a criminal record for possession of cannibis in 2003 would i get a visa
  • Where are you from? I've asked a few indian nationals in our office and they don't seem to think it would be a problem
  • i am from india and want to travel there. so, i want to know i need to apply the visa or a valid passport will be oky?
  • is there a government rule in delhi city not to send money in other country? i mean, i have a friend and he's from delhi i ask for his help to send me money but he told me he cannot send coz its a government rule in thier place. they cannot send money in other country. pls tell me if i would believe him or not thanks!!!!!!!
  • I need to travel to Mumbai for work but I have a criminal record from 9 years ago. Do I need to declare this as I serverd a custodial sentence when applying for my visa or will my visa be rejected if I don't declare it?
  • Hi Asia!!,
    I don't think there is any law in any country that disallow you to send money. Any business basic requirement is Capital (MONEY). The only thing is that the amount that you likely to send....Some country restrict to certain amount..
    just check it out or Google: MoneyGram International and Western Union.
  • I am an American citizen and wish to marry my fianc
  • I was born in India and came over here 37 years ago. Now I have British Passporrt for the past 36 years. The problem is that every time I want to go to India I have to apply for a Visa. One thing I don't understand why they ask for bank statements to show how much money i have in my bank account or if I am working then a letter from the employer. If I can afford to go to India then I'll have enough money to support myself. The way these people behave in Indian Embassey, as though I will start claiming benfit from Indian government. Indian government doesn't support their own poor people, let alone doing something for us. I hate these people who makes our lives so difficult. I am ashamed to call myself Indian as people laught at Indian people at the Embassey. They really annoy the tourist by picking silly little things i.e. oh the form should be filled in black in and not blue. Those Indian basterds are so annoying. I have been to so many countries and never experienced any problem. But going to bloody India is a nightmare. These bloody Indians needs to sort them self out. All they after are bloody bribery. They are bloody corrupt bastards.
  • Is getting a visa for India like that for everyone or just Indians that have lived in the uk for many years and wishing to visit their homeland?

    I am English and plan to visit India later this year..2010. Having read the above post, do i really need to show my bank statements?, not that it is a problem, it's just that i feel such things are private and do not see why i have to declare how much money i have to all and sundry (so to speak).
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  • To @ Raniji If you were an Indian citizen for 37 years you should get yourself a so called POI card (Person of Indian origin card ) or an OIC card (Overseas Indian Citizen card). Then you can travel to India visa free and as often as you want.But these 'cards' cot fair amount of money. Contact your local Indian High Commision or the Deputy High Commision. But if you have such a negative attitude towards Indians then why travel to Indian at all? BTW you will not believe what in Indians have to go thru when they apply for visas to any so called first world country.
  • To @ LILLY You will require a visa for India.Depending on how long you want to stay you may have to show that you have enough finances to support yourself. I would suggest you get your visa thru a travel agency especialised in travel to India, they may have visa service as well. Ask them if they can get you a visa before you do the booking with them.
  • To@RJB You will not get visa if you have a criminal record. Firstly clear the criminal record then apply for visa.
  • hi
    can anyone help. I have seen a job in India and I want to apply for it. I live in the uk and am a british citizen but my husband is originally fom India but he is now just turned a british citizen. the job states that you must have the right to live and work in india. so if they offer me the job then can i apply for a work visa and does that give me the right to live and work in india.
  • I have lived in UK for 16 years (since i was 4), i was educated here. I have Portuguese passport i have been asked by Indian Visa Centre in Hayes to fill out a Non UK Resident form to go with my Visa application form. I don't understand why i had to do this. They also refused to see my bank statement, and i do not have any utility bills under my name as i live with my parents. Also, on the Non UK resident form it asked for my origin address, i have never lived in Portugal so i put down the address of our India home.

    Do you think i will still be able to get a Tourist visa to India? Both my parents have Portguese passport and that is why i have it too.
  • I think maybe this issue is simply because you are applying for an Indian Visa in the UK without holding a UK passport. It would be simple if you had a UK Passport and were applying from the UK or a Portugese passport and applying from Portugal. It does sound complicated, but the only people who can explain the system of application really are the VFS visa processing offices or the Indian High Commission. Good luck !
  • Hi ,
    i'm a saudi nationality live in Riyadh . I would like to get an indian 5 year business visa . any idea would be helpful for me
  • Dear Sir,
    I was born in Indian and live here in Italy for more than 40 years. I hold Italian passport. My wife is Italian lady and we have two children. My questions are the following:
    I have sent my personal details for PIO assessment, should I also send another application for OIC Visa?
    Can my daughters get PIO or OIC visas. They were born in Italy.
    I need your kind experise advice.
    Thanking you
  • my husband and myself born in India and we have heard people born in India have to surrender Indian Passport with fees and have to show the letter surendered passport, but we don't have Indian passport and if we travel to India at Mumbai Airport Indian Embassy will not let me land without the indian passport surrendered document so can you let me know where can i het this form to fill in? and whai is this form called and what is the fees we have to pay
  • i have travelled to India for the past 11 years on average twice a year using a tourist visa..
    i have read this year 2010 if i have had a criminal record (fighting whilst drunk) 1993 that i should disclose the criminal record to the Indian embassy before i apply for my visa..
    my question is do a inform the embassy or not
  • sorry forgot to mention i am a English, and i recieved a none custodial sentance. merely a fine ..
  • I am of indian origin living in uk for last 40 years and have been married to my wife for 37 years hwo holds finnish passport. We have visited in past at least 10 times but problem with getting indian visa this time is unbeliable. I would say to other people do not bother to visit this corroupt country any more. Unfortunately I still have relations there and we also wanted to help orphans by making donations to orphanage where we have helped in past.
  • I m a indian passport holder and have a Portuguese citizen card and i m studing in UK but i want to travel to india for holidays so can i travel on the Portuguese citizen card from india back to uk
  • Hi everyone!!
    I'm hoping to travel to Portugal in May and work as a dive instructor. However i got an impaired driving charge 6 yrs ago, which is a criminal record. I've paid all fines and honored my suspensions. Will this affect my work visa application? ...if so, will Portugal recognize a Canadian pardon? Ive been an upstanding member of society since my stupid mistake and know my pardon application will be approved, however, not likely by May.

    Would it help if i had a written job offer to present to the Portugal embassy.
    Any info would be wonderful
    Thank you
  • iam an indian citizen working in portugal , if i get portuguse passport is it possible to get government job in india, please answer for this question? iam in diloma if i get portuguse nationality i dont get government job in india. so iam afraiding to became portuguse .iam trying for government job in india
  • i have been offered a government job in india. iam an indian citizen ,few months back i got portuguse citizen is iam eliziable for the job in india please answer for this question? i want to go back to india to join in job.
  • Hello i am from bangladesh. I have speak asia a/c. Speak asia was suppost to get approval from our govt. but unfortunately it is not getting. I would like to know whether in india Speak Asia is approved by govt. or not. If it is legal there, i would like to cash my money though an indian citizen who got speak asia a/c. Pls help if anyone know about this. Thanks in advance.
  • Hi,
    I am having problems in obtaining my Indian visa before my departure date (25.02.11) due to misinformation from VFS at the point of applying. I have already had to move my departure date back by 3 day’s at enormous cost to myself only to be told I may or may not get my visa in time! I have managed to get a number for the Indian embassy via directory enquiries but have been on hold for over half an hr!
    Can anyone please help with a reliable contact number or email address for the embassy?
  • Which city?
  • Try this number: Indian High Commission, London, United Kingdom: +44 (0)20 7836 8484
  • Many thanks David but that is the number that I have been trying and no one answers! Does anyone have an email address or alternative number?
  • Hi There,

    I am a Kenyan passport holder, been in the UK since 2008, so over two years now. I am travelling to india for two weeks holiday. I went to submit my form today, however was told to provide with utility bills, which I explained I have none since I live with family. I was advised to provide with bank statements for the last 3 YEARS! OMG, last 3 years, are they serious! I shred mine and also gone green now, that means I don't receive statements, everything is online. I can try and obtain this information from my bank, however will the front page that shows my address, account details, opening and closed balances be fine. Printing 3 years individual transactions is quite impossible.

    Kindly advise.
  • I would appreciate what formalities I would need to go through in order for me to be able to live and work in India. Do the countries both UK and India have any ceiling on minimum wages?
  • Hello,
    I am a Uk national looking to emigrate to India, looking for possibly call center work as i have previous experience...any information on how to go about this would be i go on a tourist visa,then go through the motions of applying for work and updating my visa when i get there? or are there any agencies in the uk that specialise in this sort of thing? ie looking for work,e,t,c,

  • i am an indian and i am staying in Mauritius i came here for visitors visa ,now i want to go to uk as i have already completed my Masters from there now can i apply for uk work visa from here in that i don't need to go back india to apply for uk visa...
    thanks and Regards
  • Hello all I am an Indian citizen, wish to work in Canada or Singapore.I have Indian passport. But I don't have much money to spend for hire professional recruitment agent. please contact me if you have any idea how I can live and work in Canada

    +91 9332053306

    email -
  • Hi, I am a Canadian citizen with a criminal record, my last charge was 9 years ago, and I also have one from 35 years ago, and 37 years ago, all assault charges, but never spent time in jail, , one I received a suspended sentence, one a conditional discharge, and the other one, probation, and I have friends in India I would love to visit, my question is, will I get denied a visa ,to visit India, I have a passport ,  Thank you for your time
  • The Indian visa application form DOES NOT require disclosure of criminal records.

    Good luck
  • Hi - we are Australian citizens and are cruising from Fremantle to Southampton in March - we will be stopping for approx 8hrs in Colombo & 10 hrs in Mumbai. What are the visa requirements for both countries? Is it possible to get transit visas? TIA
  • You definitely need a visa for India
    Sri lanka will grant a tourist visa upon arrival

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