can a Dual citizen with PH and TWN passports fly directly from the Philippines without visa?
  •  I'm from the Philippines but I'm a dual citizen. Therefore I have two passports. One by the Philippines and the other by Taiwan ROC with Taiwan ID card number. My problem is, can I go to UK directly from the Philippines using both passports? or do i have to go through Taiwan to fly to UK?
  • You can fly from any where you like, but as a dual Taiwanese/ Philippines citizen you need a visa to enter the UK as the citizens of both of these countries must obtain a visa from the British Embassy before they enter the UK.Unless your Taiwan ID  meets the following criteria
  • The fact that you're a dual citizen shouldn't really be relevant: just pick a passport and get a visa for that one. There's no reason I can see that you couldn't fly directly to the UK from the Philippines if you have your visa.

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