Going to Cyprus
  • hi there, I'm planning to go to Cyprus (Nicosia) I'm planning a short break app. 5days, I am searching to rent a car from the larnaca airport and drive my way to Nicosia... shall I book the car online? or is it best to rent the car as soon as I land at the airport? has any one any tips? and have you got some areas that is a "Must See" while I'm in Cyprus?

    Thanks for any comments
  • you can chek car rentals through expedia.com
  • There are loads of places worth seeing in Cyprus but it depends what you're in to. If you want a bit of History there are some interestng ruins, moasiacs and an amphitheatre at Curium, just outside Limassol, there are also impressive mosaics in Paphos. Nicosia has many museums and landmarks, you can also see across the border to the turkish held part of the city. For scenary the Akamas in the North west is stunning and the troodos mountains are lovely at any time of year. popular mountain villages are Omodhos, Kakopetria, Platres and Lefkara where they make lace and silver jewellery. Kykkos monastry is also a major attraction and is in the west Troodos.
    The island is small enough to be able to see lots of things in a few days and notwhere is more than a couple of hours drive away.
  • thanks for the comments! I went to cyprus and can confirm that its a lovely place to visit... thanks for the tips
  • Hi im going to The Golden Coast resort In may, me and my brother want to know information on the nightlife here and transport, the resort is in Protarus thank you
  • Jake - take a look at TripReport.com - see if there are some reviews there you can use.

    Cukajju - thanks for the feedback on your trip. Glad you had a good time!
  • I am flying to protarus on the 22nd of this month
  • Hi,
    I am planning a visit to turkey and want to visit cyprus as well.
    I am planning to fly to north and then drive to south.
    Do I need a visa or will there be a problem, given the political problems between administations on south and north?
    Btw, I am Canadian
    Thanks for the comments

  • Jake - The Golden Coast is close to Pernera, which is just outside Protaras, there are a few bars in this area, The Barley Mow is good, as its Knights Pub. Protaras which is about €5 away in a taxi has a wider selection of bars and 1 club - Boogies, which is fairly expensive. For about €15 you can get a cab to Ayia Napa which is about 15 mins away and offers a huge choice of bars, clubs and nightlife and will be much busier.
  • please can i know how i can apply from nigeria through internet thanks
  • Larry - what is it you want to apply for? If you are asking about Visa's, you will need to look at the website for the Cyprus government of visit the Cyprus embassy in your country.
  • i am going to paphos in july and have been told it will be hot! but can anyone tell me is it uncomfortably hot? im worried a bit!!!
  • loulou,

    It can get xtrememely hot in Cyprus. I got married there 2 years ago and it was 41 during the day and 31 at midnight - only know that coz thats wen we decided to go for a swim in the sea. That was the extreme tho and it was in August. If you've got a beach side hotel the breeze should keep you cool tho. Put it this way, I HATE uncomfortable heat and this is the 4th year that I'm going back to the same seaside hotel (Sunrise beach in Protaras). Enjoy Cyprus - its a fab place!
  • Me and some friends are going to Limassol in February next year, what will the weather be like? What should we see? We only have a day there...
  • I am traveling by British Airways to Larnaca Airport next week but am staying in Kyrenia so will have to transit by coach. Can anybody tell me how long this journey will take? Is it an easy journey?
  • Hi my daughter is travelling to cyprus at the beginning of feb, her passport runs out the beginning of may. she has been told by friends that she will have to renew her passport before she goes, could anybody give any advice regards this, thanks.
  • I am planing to travel to Cyprus but i don't know is there any fly from Toronto to there?

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