romantic date in Europe
  • I met a beautiful Ukrainian girl on a dating site Romance Compass (
    I've already visited Ukraine several times, and now I want to invite her to some romantic city in Europe.
    Any advice?
  • There are many romantic cities in Europe! Florence and the surrounding region of Tuscany would be a great choice.
  • Don't forget that Ukrainians require a Schengen visa before travelling to any European country so before you get your hopes up of meeting in a European city check the visa situation. 

     Istanbul is a fabulous city and is half in Europe half in Asia and Ukrainians are granted a 60 day visa upon arrival at the airport,
  • Thanks for the advice. We'll think about Istanbul!
  • Vienna nightlife, Helsinki, Geneva, Gijón and Madeira  are best destinations in Europe.
  • hey, there are fortune of place in europe for your romance.. some of the best out of that i have listed below, let you start checking with your partner...

    The Italian Riviera

  • wow so enjoy with her visit

    Paris, ma cheri at the top of Montematre overlooking the city at sunset
  • Paris, Venice, Rome, Florence, Vienna are romantic places
  • I suggest only Paris.
  • A lot of the places mentioned are very difficult to get tourist visa for. I dated my now wife for 2 years in Kiev, we went to Egypt, Turkey and Dominican Republic for holidays as there were no issues with visa. Yalta is a beautiful place and only 40 mins flight (internal flights are very reasonable).
  • Why doesn't anyone mention Pragues? I consider it one of the real top cities (fe look here for some pictures I live in Belgium (so I am not linked to pragues in any way). if you'd get to belgium, don't skip Ghent (but 1 days is enough for it)! Except when you'd conme for the Ghentse Fieste (city party in the second half of July)

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