India Trip in January 2014 - Solo
  • Hi All,

     I just thought i'd get the ball rolling and see if any one on here might be heading to Southern India around January time? I've done lots of traveling before, but this is the first time on my own. I currently have a very flexible itinerary - i would welcome guidance. My present plan is to spend a month in the south, then stop for a month of yoga *somewhere* before meeting up with Friends in Goa and heading up to Jaipur for Holi festival.

    Tips, highlights, do's and don'ts, jokes, incentives - all welcome X
  • Bangalore, Mysore, Ooty and, Kodaikanal are bast places in southern india.

  • In India Goa, Ooty is the best place. Travelling is my hobby and I have visited a lot of places in India. My favourite one is Goa. I like to spend my weekend holidays in Goa.
  • Ideally, the best time to visit India for a foreign tourist would be
    during the winter months. The period from November to March sees the
    highest influx of foreigners visiting the country, especially those from
    Europe and the USA
  • You should go in shimla, goa, jammu and kashmir, kulu manali these are one of the best place where you can enjoy your trip.
  • hey i'm travelling on my own in "March" i am actually going to Patnem Beach Canacona, Goa, for a Yoga retreat, they  (Lotus) run yoga every day but you can also book for some retreats for a 7 - 10 period. The one i am on is finishing on 17/18 - so that would be to late for you to go anywhere else for Holi.  There is a celebration / festival in Margao - which is about an hour away by car.
  • You should go in manali,Go, keral.

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