My holiday in Vilnius
  • Hi,

    I have been in very good restaurant Markus and Ko in Vilnius. I've just come from UK. And recomend to find info about Vilnius best restaurants in - here is a very good help for foreigners as I am :). Maybe someone knows more good restaurants in Vilnius?

  • Hi,thanks is really good one.
    i think they have the same about Riga too
  • Hi, Judith,

    Yes there is the same about Riga. Where do you here from about and
    My friend found this info in magazine VilniusNOW when he was in Vilnius.
  • These sights are really good.. and i Would say that Vilnius is really great place. My boyfriend lives there.. and i'm from uk. We met in uk!!! I love him loads.
  • When travelling to Lithuania do not restrict yourself just visiting the capital Vilnius. Must see port city Klaipeda with a lot of trendy bars and restaurants and many interesting places to visit  such as the Klaipeda Old town, "Švyturys" beer brewery, Klaipeda Sea museum, Museum of Clocks and Watches, Klaipeda habour. Easy transfer from Vilnius airport to Klaipeda Melnrage pier is the place for relaxation where you can watch ships passing the Sea Gates.

  • Thanks for providing 2-3 hotels names with their place, now it will in my mind, whenever i am near around i will visit atleast once. In vilnius purchase cohiba cigars
  • Wow amazing Web site
  • Thanks for sharing your experience with us.Yes this site is quite good.

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