What currency to take to Cuba?
  • I'm going to Cuba in June, and I've heard that I should take sterling with me and exchange it for CUCs when I get there. Is this true? It's got to be the first holiday I've ever taken outside of the UK when I haven't had to change money!
  • To goonergirl, re Cuba currency. yes this is correct. UK sterling pounds or Euros is the best currency to take to Cuba, you can change it on arrival at the airport at a 'Cadeca' or perhaps at your hotel. Cuba is very much a cash economy, so take enough with you as credit cards are not reliable. Remember too, that there is a dual economy (CUC's for the toursit) and the peso's for the locals. The Peso are worth less than the CUC's so make sure if you are paying in CUC's you get change in CUC's.

    it's a wonderful country, great fun - and I'm sure you will have a fantastic time! enjoy!
  • Thanks so much!!
  • I am going to Cuba in May 2010. How did you find the advice you were given and to you have any advice that will help me. I.E. take sterling, where to change it, I will be based near Havana - any good advice for Havana?
    Just to finish - can we do the Premiership and Champions League double - or just one or the other?
  • Hi - have a read of our Havana city guide - its got lots of interesting and recently updated information about the city.

    To answer your other question: of course Arsenal can do the double!
  • Oldgooner.....take Eruos as they are very familiar with them. The hotel you stay at will change them on the spot without hesitation and the banks are familiar with them also. You can also use credit cards for cash advances at the local banks.
  • myself and my husband are aleo going to cuba and i popped into the travel agents to find out about the money i needed to take and i was told i have to take sterling as it is a closed cerreny in cuba and also you cant bring any of there cerreny back and you cant take travelers checks either
  • Lots of misinformation and confusion above.

    Read Post #6 here, "Everything you need to know about Money Exchange in Cuba."


    Any further questions after reading that link, come on back.

    Have fun.

  • Does Cuba exchange U.S. and Canadian money to cuba money
  • Yes, but USDs are a very bad choice because they suffer a special 10% surcharge.

    Everything you need to know about Money Exchange: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g147270-c109329/Cuba:Caribbean:Money.Exchange.html

  • Terry,
    My in-laws are traveling to Cuba and will be visiting an orphanage.  I am a Spanish teacher in the US and they asked if I have any DVDs that I don't use for them to donate.  I wasn't sure if the orphanage would even have a player and thought other things might be more useful.  I do not know which orphanage or area, but I am sure they are on an organized trip from the US.  Can you recommend what might be the most useful donation to the orphanage?
  • Since you don't know the orphanage, where it's located and no one has
    ever had any contact with them then it's impossible to say what their
    situation is. DVDs might be very well received, who knows...


  • Since Late 2005 All the Cuban shops and hotels only take Convertible Pesos they also known as short form CUC. oanda is a site where you get more information check it there. I hope you satisfied with the information.
  • Oanda is useless for exchange rates with Cuban Pesos. On their website they claim $100 CAN = 94.91 CUC but the absolute best you can get in Cuba is really only 91.88 and at a Cadeca it will be even less.

    As mentioned above in my reply from March 18th the only place to confirm the exact exchange rate is here:



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