Can i apply for a Schengen visit visa from UK if i am on a business visa and hold an Indian passport
  • Can i apply for a Schengen visit visa from UK if i am on a business visa and hold an Indian passport
  • Yes you can. Visit the consulate of the Schengen country you plan on spending most of the trip in, and apply on site.
  • Thanks David. Any idea what documents would be required? I am planning to visit Germany, this is will be my point of entry.
  • @abhinuk: These are the forms you need >

    Although you might call the German embassy in London to get further clarity: German Embassy, London, United Kingdom: +44 (0)20 7824 1300.
  • Thank you David, You have been of great help.
  • Hey, you are most welcome. Come back and visit again soon and tell others to get over here too!
  • Sure David. I will always suggets this site. Its such a good site, with a lot of information on travel.
  • I am on work permit in UK. My mom came to UK as a tourist and her UK
    tourist visa in UK is valid till december 2011.I would like to take
    her to itally for a trip for 2-3 days along with me. Is she eligible
    to apply for a tourist visa to italy from UK?
  • @rb - it sounds like your mom needs a Schengen visa to visit Italy. She can apply from the UK although if there's time she should get it before departing SA.
  • Hi, I will on business trip to UK. During that visit, I would like to go to a schengen country as tourist and come back to UK to continue my business visit. Is it allowed to do this on a UK business visa if I have a valid schengen visa?
  • I am currently in Blackpool now with my sister and holding multiple family visa, is it possible for me to apply for German tourist visa for me to have a chance to visit my fiance whose on a training in Frankfurt Germany?
  • hi people,am zambia by birth,and married to a british citizen,we r going on a cruise,we depart uk to italy then getting cruise from italy to spain.We are in italy for 3days but different places then spain too different places.Do i need to get a visa? As i hold a zambian passport and got a discretionary leave to remain.please please help me.
  • I have a tourist UK visa and I want to go on a Cruise with my friend around Europe can I apply for a schengen visa from UK. By the way I'm from Oman.
  • Can i apply for a Schengen visit visa from south africa if i have workpermit and hold Pakistani passport.
  • HI David F.... Im fr Philippines, working in Singapore and currently on 2 week holiday in UK.... I want to go to Paris and Frankfurt for sightseeing... Would u help advise if I can apply Schengen visa here in UK...? And which office shld I go to..? Appreacite ur feedback...
  • This is the updated list of Schengen countries, as you can see the UK there isnt bcose they didnt want to accede to the Treaty, so who has a Schengen Visa, can NOT get in the UK, u need a special Visa issued by their consulate,in the country of origin of the person who requests,this is about the tourism Visa.All necessary documents are online in the individual embassies.II finish by saying that for SCHENGEN and for UK need two visas.

    Paesi Bassi
    Repubblica Ceca
  • hi.i have south african work permit holding a pakistani passport can i apply for shengian visa??? and what documents i need??
  • hi i am fom bangladesh . how can get shengian visa .please give me a good idea ! my mail.
  • Can i apply tourist visa to Paris when i am on visit visa in LOndon?
  • hi can I apply for Ireland visa in London when I am on visit visa in London? what documents would be required for? Or I should apply in Pakistan?

  • hi can I apply for Ireland visa in London when I am on visit visa in London? what documents would be required for? Or I should apply in Pakistan?
  • Hi, I am travelling from India to Zurich on a Business Visa but for few days want to travel to Paris as a tourist. Can i travel on the same visa or would i need additional permits. I currently have a multi C-Business Schengen Visa. Please help
  • Hi i am in uk and want to invite my mom n dad to visit me, they did came in uk once in 2008 and that time they applied for visit visa which lasted for 6 months, i am bit confused to what visa they should apply do you think 5 year multiple entry suitable for them.
    thanks.......can any one help plz
  • IWould someone tell me where to go if I want to apply for Schengen visa to Italy? I have a family visa in the uk, i am married to a brithishman but living in the philippines. i am here for a 6months holiday but found out that i must stay here in the uk much longer. thinking of going to france just to exit the uk and come back and stay for another 6 months.( i have a multiple visa for ten years but i am allowed to stay only for 6 moths each time.
  • Santarosa - If you're currently in the UK, you can apply at the Italian Embassy in London:

    14 3 Kings Yard London W1K 4EH
    020 7312 2200
  • Hi I am an Indian passport holder with a UK student visitor visa valid until March 27th 2013. I would like to visit France in January. But I am not sure if I will be eligible to apply for the visa since it says that the UK permit has to be longer than 3 months. Can anyone clarify? thnx
  • Hi . I am an Indian national and currently working in Australia on work permit . Can I apply for work permit for Germany directly from Australia without going to my home country ? I am having a valid job offer in hand and skilled work experience of 5 years ?

  • Can i apply for a Schengen visit visa from UK if i am on a visitor visa and hold an Indian passport
  • Im philippine passport/citizen im in UK as tourist visa, I want to go to paris! please help!?
    Im here in london for short social visit only (tourist visa) were planning to go to paris for one day or two for tour like disneyland and eiffel tower and everything, were looking for travel agency who can arrange this as well, can anybody help me,

    1. Does the french embassy here in london can issue visa for me? after 2days ill come back here in london and then back to philppnes?

    2. Do i have to process d french visa from my country of origin(philippines?)

    3. How much does application of french visa cost ?

    4. can you recommend any travel agency who can help me sort this tour packages?

    Thanks and more power!
  • hello
    i am in UK by student now and its valid until 5/2013 ,and i want to go to France and Spain how can i do this ? can i have Schengen visa from UK while im on student visa tier 4 ? how much it cost and how many day required if i can get Schengen visa ?

    best regards
  • Hi, I'm a full time student in UK and have 2 year student visa. I want to visit European countries in my holidays. I have a Pakistani passport. Can I apply for the visit for all these countries and if yes how i can apply online. Many thanks...
  • Hi, Please can you advice me what my best friend and I have to do so she can visit me here in UK from Italy for 1week max. She has residence visa due to her Japanese husband's business in Milan. However she has a Philippine passport and will be travelling alone....what does she have to do and how can I assist her from UK?? Any help will be greatly appreciated =)
  • It depends where you are from. a list of countries and all information required can be found at follow links on travel. Let me advise you that if you need to apply for a visa, it's not worth it for a day trip. you have to jump through hoops, and IF accepted, cough up 60euros. Good luck.
  • The advice I just posted is for tourists to the uk, who wish to visit France whilst here. Sorry for any confusion.
  • hey
    I am travelling to UK with a MULTIPLE ENTRY student visitor visa.I have an Indian Passport. Can i visit France/Paris with the same visa ? 
  • No, the visa you have is only valid for the UK. If you want to visit anywhere in mainland Europe you will need to apply for a Schengen visa. You can apply for the Schengen visa to enter France from the UK . Here is the information relating to a Schengen visa.
  • I think It's possible and Yes you can apply without any problem if you have complete documents which required for it. Visit the consulate of the Schengen country you plan on spending most of the trip in.
  • No, Alethia is correct. The UK is not part of the Schengen Zone, and you will need to apply for a separate visa to visit France.
  • hello , I need some help for Netherlands visa , I am Indian student studying in UK and I want to get a Netherlands visa? how do I get it ?
    Thanks in advance ! :-)
  • You need to apply for a Schengen visa for Holland
    VFS Global are the official agents for all Schengen visa applications for all Schengen states.This is their UK contact details 
  • I want to do job in london hotel holiday in express can do? so how?
  • No you cannot work in London, because you are not an Italian citizen you are an Indian citizen living in Italy, this means you are not an EU citizen and therefore can not work in an EU member state
  • good day!  I only have philippine passport. im here in UK right now for tourist and I am sponsored by my sister who is already a british citizen and we are planning to have a tour in Belgium, but the problem is I dont have a schengen visa.  Can I apply a schengen here in london in belgium embassy? HOW? AND  What are the requirements..?

    Im hoping that you can help me.
    im looking forward for your positive response..

    thank you so much! 
  • You can apply for a Schengen visa from the UK. You must apply in person and allow plenty of time for the application to be processed before you book your tour.
  • Can anyone tell me, if I have a Work Permit Visa of UK, can apply and get a

    Schengen Visa to visit France, Italy, Austria etc.. I am an Indian national holding Indian passporthanks in advance

  • Yes you can apply for the Schengen visa from the UK as you are lawfully residing there.
  • Hi. I have a question, please help me out! (it's urgent)

    I am getting married in Paris on the 9th of August.

    My friend comes from India, she got married a couple of weeks ago and moved in with her husband in the UK. Her husband has been living in the UK for the last 3 years so for him it will be straightforward to apply for the French visa using the Schengen Visa.

    But my friend has had a UK visa (tourist visa - multiple entry until December ) that she has had only since the 20th of June 2014. She has arrived in the UK about 3 days ago. The visa agent in India told her that she would not be able to get a French visa for the 9th of August - it's too short notice.


    What do you think? Is there any solutions to this? 

    They bought their Eurostar ticket and I have proof that I am getting married and she is to attend.

    I am desperate as I really want her and her husband to be there for my wedding.


    Any help/advice would be truly appreciated.


    Many thanks.



  • Your friend is legally in the UK so she can apply for a Schengen visa. the agent in India is incorrect ( they often are ) Good luck and I hope you have a lovely wedding.
  • But even if she is on a tourist visa in the UK ?? Is that still working?
  • it says this;

    Original Proof of Status. Original Proof of Residency in the UK (stamped in passport or residence permit card) valid for a munimum of 3 months from departure date from France.


  • She can apply for a Schengen visa while she is on a tourist visa. You said her UK visa is valid until December and you are marrying in August so unless she intends to stay in France for sometime she has plenty of time left on her UK visa.
    If you are going to question my advice, just apply for the Schengen visa it will either be a yes or no.

    Why is your friend in the UK on a visit visa if her husband resides in the UK.

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