Cuban orphanage
  • I will be in Cuba for 1 week this February, & I would like to do some volunteer work while I'm there. I have 12 weeks previous experience working in an orphanage in Uganda (this past summer), & 17 years worth of experience working with kids, & 12 years of experience working with kids around the world. My question, is there an orphanage in Cuba that needs a lot of extra help?
  • Unfortunately I fear you needed to do a little more research about
    Cuba in general and Cayo Coco in particular before you booked your trip.

    You're going to a tourist enclave with no Cubans living
    there. In fact until fairly recently "normal" Cubans weren't even
    allowed on Cayo Coco - locals were ALL banned from the island. So obviously no Cuban town or orphanage.

    In any case (with rare exception) Cuba does not take kindly to
    foreign volunteers of any kind so no matter where you visited in Cuba
    you would likely have been out of luck.

    Have fun.


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