How long do I need - passport expiry
  • How long must I have left on my passport to return to UK,My passport exspires November this year
  • If you want help you must give us more info than that! Are you talking about your UK passport? If so, you can travel back to the UK as long as it's valid.
  • Yes I have only a UK passport, so If I leave in October no problem?
  • Hi TwoShoes,
    I'm not sure what country you are currently in, but you should be perfectly fine to travel home in October if your UK passport is valid until November. Most countries enforce time limits for passports when you are entering the country - they are very unlikely to stop you leaving so long as your passport is valid. The UK should be happy to welcome you home so long as the passport is valid.
  • Im in Malaysia have been for 9 years it has been a difficult time due to the fact my husband had a massive stroke then died 5 days later thats why I wanted to know as now they will not let me stay. Thank you Ella for your input.
  • have Australian passport expired June 2013 can i get renewal form or have i to apply for another passport.
  • You need to fill in the renewal form. Renewal by the way means the Australian government issue a new passport. 

    Here is the link to the Australian passport renewal process

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