How would you know if your boyfriend you've met thru internet is for real and not a scammer?
  • Ok here goes, I came across this while looking for some information. I have been in a long distance relationship with an individual across sea. I want to know if it is legit or what. This guy hasnt sent any money or asked for anything in fact He says its against the law to send money out of his country. But anyway We have been in a relationship for 2 and half months. He wants to come over and visit me, But says everyone he has talked to tells him he has no chance of getting a visa to come here. He is from morocco, I have seen his mom, his brother in law and few of his younger siblings by way of skype. I want to believe him he says hes starting to fall for me. And in a way so Am I starting to develop something towards him. We have had some major discussion about life in general, and r views on different religions. But that being said we talked every day for 2 to 3 hours on skype or he calls me from his cell phone. I have told him to take everything on day at a time. And instead of listening to what other people says go an find for himself if he can get his visa to come here or not. He says he went to local office where he lives and talked to someone and they told him he has no chance of getting one. My thing is shouldn't he have went to the embassy which I know happens to be in a different part of the country. Any help would be greatful before I fork out a lot of money on these I-129f forms

  • Dreamer you sound as if your in the USA, In my opinion as a lawyer I believe it would be impossible for a young Moroccan man you have never met (only on line) to be granted a tourist visa.
    Not only that but he needs a good income , a job and evidence he will return to Morocco, not just you and he say he will return.

    In these long distance relationships its usually the partner from the wealthy country eg USA UK etc that travels to Morocco.

    I dont know your circumstances but why would you hook up with a young man who has nothing and lives thousands of miles away.

  • Hi Anna,
    I'm sorry this has happened to you - it is much more common than you probably realise! This is a textbook scam so anybody doing some internet research will read this same story many times over. I wouldn't stress so much about trying to get his name on scamming sites as he can obviously just change it. The important thing is for you to cut all ties immediately. Unfortunately there really is no point reporting him to the Nigerian police.
  • Thanks very much Ella. I agree with you. He text me this morning sweet as can be forgetting how mean he was last night . Promising to be here this weekend for my birthday if I can send the money .
  • Anna Please stop communicating with this man, he has no intention coming to your birthday.Its all lies. I understand its hard but you must breakaway from him. completely. 
  • anna45, Mike Reeves he is a scammer. Photo of him was stolen from a model called Martin at Focus Hawaii, you can see the real person's photos here:

    That same pic on his Facebook profile has been used many times by scammers using different names:

    Please stop sending him money!

  • Hi Blessyou , Thanks for your help and information . How could I be so blind and stupid .I gave him my heart and soul. How can I find out who he really is and punished him and maybe sure no one else goes through this.
  • Anna45, there's no way to know who he really is unless he reveals himself. He is very likely a Nigerian scammer.

    Just google words like romance scam and a lot will appear. Your case is very typical of a romance scam. A man whom you've got to know thru internet/dating website starts falling in love with you and then asks for money.

    Let's face it this way - if a boyfriend whom you've never met starts asking you for money, wouldn't he make you broke and bankrupt when you people really meet?

    Never believe all those "I love you" lies. In the first place, the photo he used looks too commercial to be true. My first impression was "Who's that actor/model?" Doesn't they guy on the pic look like a model/actor to you?

    There are many soldier scams too - scammers pretending to be soldiers deployed to war zones. Pictures are stolen from real soldiers, even dead soldiers.

    Don;t ever be foolish to send anyone any money again

  • Thanks .I look on those site. But he said his email was hack before and had to get a new account .
  • Anna45 , we are all trying to help and advise you. Unfortunately you can not believe anything this man said to you, he does not love you, to him you are only source of money.

    No one hacked his email account he probably has loads of emails all in different names. Have you not noticed most of these scammers use Yahoo emails.

    You do not say how old you are , but you sound incredibly naive and trusting . Not one word this man has said to you is true. Please have nothing more to do with him
  • He is 42 years old. Said he is in jail today because I'm selfish and only think of myself and his son is going to suffer because of me . Also said I'm tired of him and I'm heartless.
  • Also said he hope I find a man who love me as much as he does.
  • Also why do I doubt him not to believe anything anyone said .He will find the hackers and paid.
  • I'm.50years old
  • 50 years old robbed of $50,000 dollars by a man you  you have never met and who you now know to be a liar and a thief yet you are still in communication with him. Why?

    Mike Reeves the handsome man of your dreams does not exist has never existed.He is not suddenly going to ride into your life. Blessyou has shown you that the picture was of a model and stolen by your scammer. Your dream man is most likely a Nigerian sitting in Nigeria living off your money.

    You must be very desperate to cling on to this pathetic dream, does your family know that you are involved with a scammer? 

  • No, I'm too ashamed to tell them or my friends. I'm not talking to him at all. He still text me , facebook me and is very angry at me. I'm hurt , confused , emotionally destroy . He even phone me still but I don't answer .Why when we talk on the phone he always answers.
  • He text me for money yesterday and didn't send any. He said I was selfish , heartless and didn't care he was going to jail, never see his son. That God knew in his heart he loved me and I destroy it
  • anna45, you still choose to believe all the lies that Mike Reeves told you.

    Why don't you send him ALL your money once and for all - I think this would make you feel better.

  • I'm change my contact information and moving on.Thanks for the help. Yes I'm trusting and have a good heart. I'm strong and will survive. I appreciates everything . Have a good day.
  • No matter you to believe he is a scammer or not, I think that is really not okay to have money involved in a relationship.
    I hope no one will give their money to the scammers anymore. They are the worst piece of scum in the world, only think of sitting there doing nothing to cheat money. They even got "IT" skill to set up fake website! They are really disgusting!
  • Hi,

    I knew this guy from social network. He's from Dubai. I don't know if he's sincere or not, but he want to date me.. He's willing to come Malaysia and see my family and told me to install skype so that we can talk daily. I told my mom about this, and she against it. Maybe my mom wrong, she scared about drug mule, human trafficing, packages etc.

    I told him about these and he seems sad.. so do I. We just knew, and I just started to like him but it seems i have to take a path away. :(.. Please somebody console me..
  • Hi qaira

    Why not chat to him on Skype its free. If he asks for money or electronic goods or professes undying love and wants to marry you in a few days then beware and have nothing to do with him.
    Good luck.
  • I agree with Alethia Qaira, not everybody you meet online is necessarily a scammer... there's no harm in staying in contact for now. Read the many threads on this forum about love scams and familiarise yourself with the tell-tale signs and strategies and I think it'll become clear very fast whether he is a genuine love interest or a crook. Just protect yourself against heartbreak by being cautious and well-informed.
  • Hello everyone
  • Is there a way to report a scammer. Getting away wit them will not stop them from scamming. Again and again.

    I had access tru a yahoo account of a friend whom I thought to be good person. But try his email I found out his scheming works. Same with all the story here but later on will contact a person and show their own face and profess love and meet them even stay with them if they have too

    But they only concern is money Or marry for visa to western country.
  • I just don't know where to report, they use many different account on yahoo Or Facebook different name and different personality.
  • Now they progress to whatsapp and wechat a social network try phone
  • You should report your friend to the police in your country.
  • Anyone (who you are familiar with or close to in real life or simply don't trust anyone) who tries to convince you to do anything before the Skype video for their own pleasure is definitely a crook, a criminal. (First BIG flag)

    Please note that if any scammer/ con artist tries to send you gifts, ask for ur address (red flag 1) and tells you there will be money in it and not to worry (red flag 2), you can be sure it is a scam. And they will do this after the first BIG flag.

    And they have time, they will talk to you for days, months before executing the "make payment to Malaysian Customs to clear the parcel because currency is detected in the parcel addressed to you".

    At this point of time : don't pay anything, report scammer on any site, social media. Change your FB to privacy - non searchable in Internet. All posts limited to friends, all tags approved by u before posting, hide your friends list. Report/block scammer on Skype and FB.

    Here is one classic example, same story. Going to Italy for business trip and decide to send you expensive gifts with money included.
    Fake name: Ricky Kerr
    Skype id: Ricky.kerr75, email:

    Number: +44 871915x971, +44 77315x1137, +44 756265x052


    Fake occupation: dell marketing director

    Fake address: A502 London, England, United Kingdom

    Conspiracy courier service :

    Email of such company with no business registration, no company address:

    Fake name of employee who will even call you
    Mrs Miata Aziz

    Number they used to call you for money
    +60 11 2654x496

    They can fake anything, post slip, email that do not have company address.

    Fake number they provide you so you can waste time talking to them:
    United Kingdom Tel: +447010064x95
    Malaysia Tel: +6016474x763

    Account they want you to transfer money to, please note this fellow's name!


    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 407194822816




    And finally, laugh that u made a stupid mistake and move on. As mentioned by early posters, YouTube will take such content off and ur friends/relatives will not be in their database if you have not added them on FB. They won't do anything or rather can't do anything when u threaten them back you will report them because they will be busy wiping their identity.

    Hope this helps everyone beware of these scammers!
  • 你好
    一些人知道真實的身份這個人做的 ​​?

  • Nigeria police cant Arrest him. Is West Africa. And also Nigeria ppl are the most criminal People in West Africa. Stop comunicate with him. Change ur everything.
  • Hey guys thax for the great articles, my friend fell to the same trap, (+44790 783 1711) those were his details, 1 year ago he said he was from uk and was in military camp that's why he cant sent the package clearance fee, unfortunate with her she sent money to Malaysia $1000 and never heard from him ever again.
    but it seems the whole scam is going to a better height now am being pursued also by a man  i met online, still not much feeling for him coz of the warning signal from my friend experience, he claims he is in italy working there near Milan, we Skype most of the time but i still got instinct the the bombshell is coming soon! yet am getting fond of him as well, what is the best way to make him dance to his own music if he is  really coming up scam? pls help

  • dose anyone know a guy named tom richard or tom hanadez let me know i feel like he is scamming me he is in nigeria please help
  • I hate to say this but if he is in Nigeria and has two names then he is a scammer. Both the names you mention come up on the 419 Scam site regarding scammers in Nigeria
  • Hi ladies, i am thankful for finding this thread. I met a guy with the exact conversation as the one Momo has copied and pasted here. Apparently he is supposed to be on flight to Milan now. I will share his details here after i deal with him.
  • The guy whom i met and said things exactly as Terry (in Momo's case) is called Owen Taylor from Manchester, UK. I got to know him from Interpals and his username is Owen35. Apparently he is travelling to Milan, Italy and before he flied, he has sent me 8000 pounds along with his "rose flower, teddy bear, necklace and hand bag" which i only got to know through email today. You can find his profile here:

    The other guy i met on the same site is called Richard Eric Kenny (username Erice44k). He is from London and works in Sony (i feel a little bad for Sony). His lines were slightly different but they pointed generally to the same trick. His story is he is going to Berlin, Germany for work for 2 weeks and he wants to send me some gifts before he travelled. Before he could proceed further, i cut him off. Please see his profile here:

    I was lucky because i started talking to the 2 guys around the same time and i felt strange when i realised they behaved similarly. I quickly googled and found this thread. I also realised that they will "connect" with you for around 2-3 weeks before they pull the stunt - so do watch out.

    I hope all ladies should really be careful and wary with online dating. By posting here, i hope to that it will help some ladies who are facing the same situation. I pity these people who made use of people's emotions to scam but i believe Karma will come. :))
  • Anna45 where are you from ? 
    Alethia I like how you are helping people here. God bless you. 
  • I had just spotted one scammer who used photos of a Russian minister.
    The videocam was short but he looked very alike to the pictures (syndicate or stolen video?)

    All women must be careful and checked everything properly such as his images, his grammar writing and other suspicious things should not be ignored.
    No money should be involved in the beginning of relationship either online or non-online.

    This scammer kept on convincing me to have trust in human (?) when I told him stop saying that he loved me, missed me, wanna marry me which sounded to me very fake (I am a young and very attractive woman, never married and have good position). He even started to be suspicious to me during several conversations, thinking i might be one of them (?).
    They also asked alot about you financial condition and promising a lot of things which are fake.
    I checked on his fb and could tell that all women he befriended were those whom are very easily to be preyed (sorry).

    He told me that he had arrived in Malaysia, I told him that i knew who he was. He denied but i showed him all evidence including the fb of real guy. He finally admitted and telling me more pitiful things about him got cheated and wanted me to come and visit him in Malaysia in which i had rejected from the beginning.
    So he said thank you and bye and had stopped befriending me (thank you very much :)). He also deleted all the fake pictures.

    I met my current boyfriend online, i asked him to come to my country and he agreed and we met and enjoyed our day ever since. Bottom line, be wise and protect yourselves.

  • Does anybody have any pictures of this person ......Heartbroken especially you . My story is the same but I think I know who this person is ......There is an investigation taking place now and I need to get as much information as possible .
  • William h... I went thru the same thing except they wanted ! 750.00 us dollars. I have a picture what's your email I could send it to you
  • Hi all,
    I met a guy online. He's from UK, architech, widower wife died 18 months ago, got 7 yr old daughter. At first he gave me his email add and moved out from the dating site. im new to the dating site. First he got a long email then after two weeks he expressed his love for me and telling me he was amazed by my words.
    We talked on the phone, send me pictures and i did the same. He got his FB account but no friends, he said he hide it. But what bothers me is that he's asking how much im earning and he mentioned that he just want to know if my company is paying us good compared to the UK. BTW im from the Philippines. Now he said he's going to Malaysia to finished his late father's oil contruction transaction and since he's the next in kin, the company will award it to him. When we were chatting he told me this will be the best way to come here in the Philippines since it's near Malaysia but he suggested that i will be taking care of the hotel reservation and i instantly replied i can't afford it ( though i can if i really need to ) and he replied i need to sacrifice as well for our love so that made me think. Then je's asking me how much money on my account which i did not disclose. He will be in Malaysia next week, so ill wait till then if he will be asking money or if he will be coming here for real. Is he a scammer? im also confused. Appreciate your help.
  • I have no doubt that this man is a scammer. His behaviour is typical of a scammer, they get you to move off the dating site and chat on instant messenger or email and then very quickly claim they love you.
    His story about being a widower with a child is also a standard tale used by scammers over and over.

    Why would a British architect be able to go to Malaysia and just takeover a construction contract ? Multi million dollar international companies run oil and construction contracts not a single person who takes over from his dead father , its too ridiculous.
    The Philippines is a poor country and salaries cannot be compared to the UK , by asking questions about your salary and bank account the scammer is trying to find out if you have money.

    Don't be confused just stop all contact with this man, he does not love you and is only after money.

  • @Alethia,
    Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I'm just scared he might be using my pictures and my email add. I will be blocking him on my FB, it's so sad that they are using the name of God just to get you and make you feel like you are being loved.
    This forum is really very helpful. Thanks. God bless us!
  • I recently met a guy on FB. He said he sent me a packsge from where he is working now, which is India. He lives in Boston. A few days afyer I received the confirmation email about my package being sent with the tracking info, the said tge package was now in Dubai and that I had to send them through Western Union 860.00 US dollars for them to send me the package. I told this guy about it and he said that for me to please pay it so I can get all my birthday gifts he sent me and that he will pay me back. He keeps on insisting on me sending the payment and sometimes to different names. I need advice. I believe im being scammed too. I have his picture and he goes by the name of Alex Forrester. Please help.
  • Oh, and he also has very poor grammer, tild me that he loved me in a matter of days and calls my kids his kids.. a bit scary.
  • Sorry about my misspelled words. Im just typing very fast.
  • Julie, I think you know this is a scam. There is ZERO reason that you would have to send money to Dubai in order to receive a package sent to you from India. Please cut off all contact with this man.
  • Anya,
    I have already stopped communicating with this man. He has sent me a few FB messages but I've ignored them. Seems like he might be taking the hint, because before he was messaging me at all hours of the day and night. Hopefully he will stop all together. Thank you. By the way, his name is Alex Forrester. Or at least thats what he claims it to be.

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