Which is the best Greek Island holiday destination (Greece)?
  • Everyone tell about the most beautiful Islands of Greek which are famous and known due to their beauty.I like them also.I,m a tourist by profession and travel to many Islands and beaches and some of above mentioned Islands of Greek.I like these Islands and me and my friends have a great fun out there.I miss that moments.
  • So which islands have you visited Jerry ,I lived in Greece and have travelled extensively through Greece and the Greek islands. As  each have a character of their own, which do you like and why?

  • We have been to most of the bigger Greek islands and to Parga on the
    mainland. We have enjoyed them all in different ways. The Greeks are
    very welcoming and I'm sure wherever you go you will enjoy it.
  • Check: yourgreekisland.com
    It allows you to select among 70+ criteria and then recommends the best Greek island that meets these criteria.
    It is prepared by professional Greeks who know the islands, thus providing credible advise.

  • Thank you Spyros, this is a great site. 
  • hi there
    i am greek and living in Paros island the last 10 years. i am working as a dj in Evinos bar at Parikia the main village of the island. i fell in love with the island at first sight! Paros is an island that satisfied all kinds of needs of the visitors as it has a big variety of choices in beaches, accommodation, activities, nightlife, sightseeing and food offcourse!
    it's natural beauty is breathtakin'
    you' re welcome to discover it and collect memories of a lifetime
    enjoy your holidays in the greek islands!!

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