Packing list - what to pack when travelling abroad?
  • Hi,
    I thought I'd share with you the Top 10 Things I Pack First Before Going Abroad.

    1.A book/magazine/or any other type of riveting reading material.
    2.A universal plug adapter
    4.Camera and related accessories
    6.Guidebooks/phrase books/maps
    7.Travel documents, and photocopies of travel documents
    8.Cell phone
    9.Small travel bag

    Hope this information is being helpful for you.

    Have a nice day!
  • hi, 
    I'm an Indian. And I'm planning to do my higher studies in canada. I got admission in one college at london, onatario, Canada. Since I'm not very sure about the culture and lifestyle of people of over there, can you please help me with some suggestions...... 
    like the pattern of dressing.  what does students generally wear at college if there is no uniform? jeans?
    Boots or shoes, should I buy a pair boots from India, 
    type of moisturizers etc. 

  • Jeans are a good place to start, as students in North America tend to dress very casually. Just keep in mind that it gets VERY cold in the winter (December to February), so you will most definitely need boots, a warm coat, gloves, and a hat.
  • Thank u Anya
  • Hi Nikitha,
    The thing to remember about Canada is that the seasons are so dramatically different! Winters are freezing and summers are hot, so you need to pack clothes for the full spectrum of weather. I was surprised in Canada both by the heat and the cold, so go prepared. Good luck!
  • I have family in Ontario and I have bought boots and winter coats in Canada even though I live in the UK winter in Canada is bitter cold and the Canadian clothing in my opinion is far more suited to the climate.
  • Very useful post. Sometimes we need suggestion from others to have a happy travel. 

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