Is the tap water safe to drink in Mozambique?
  • Is the tap water safe to drink in Mozambique or should we buy bottled water?
  • Hi Jason, it depends where you go really - I suggest you get advice from the hotel. The tap water is treated, but most visitors to Mozambique still choose to drink bottled mineral water to be safe.
  • Hi Jason, Mathieu is right - the water quality is likely to vary depending on where you are going in Mozambique. My advice is to drink bottled water. I say this because even if the water is perfectly 'safe' to drink foreigners often still react weirdly to water they aren't used to. Better safe than sorry!
  • In almost developing countries the tap water is not recommended. Bottle of water is a better choice.
  • Hi Jason,

    I see from your other post that you're spending a night in Maputo and then going further up the coast. If you're driving from Johannesburg and ultimately heading to more rural areas, I would suggest you consider buying a large water tank to take with you. Bottled water can be rather expensive.

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