Deported from Korea
  • hi, im arlyn i just want to know if there is still possibility to come back in koreai been working there 2012-2014, i had 2 years working visa and after 1 year and 11 months i decided to run away and i still have 1 months visa in korea, i was working 15 days in the factory and my visa is not for factory visa, and the immigration catch me inside our company, and bring me in to prison and the immigration stamp my passport like 46-(1) so am i possible to come back in korea? again? please answer me i want to let know please
  • and my visa is not yet finish but the immigration still catch me because i was working in different workig visa.. how long is the korea banned me? and when can i go back to korea?
  • I believe you're usually banned from Korea for two years if you are deported. This thread may be helpful for you.

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