Historical Village Midmar
  • There is no such thing as an historical village near Midmar Dam in KZN.
    Why do you publish such false information?
    The Midmar Dam Resort is in a lovely area, but very sleepy and nothing there like explained in the article.
  • Hi Carol,

    The Midmar Historical Village was a popular attraction near the dam that was apparently shuttered a while ago. Thanks for pointing that out, we've removed the outdated info from our guide!

    Do you live in KZN? I spent a few years there, but haven't been back in a while. What would you recommend in the area?

  • Some Other places to visit KZN are:

    1. LGreater Durban
    2. The City of Durban
    3. Umhlanga Coast
    4. Valley of 1000 Hills
    5. The Drakensberg

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