Visa requirements for European countries
  • i am indian & planning to go to germany around may on official purpose & would like to visit paris, austria, switzerland therefore i would like to know the requirements for visa to visit all these places
  • you need to go for Schengen Visa which is valid for all european country.
    Switzerland is now part of the Schengen Area so you do not need to buy other visa for swiss.

    for more info you may visit below sites --

    hope it will help you.

    have a nice day
  • Hi.
    Schengen visa all you need.
    again whats your passport ranking,thought you said on official duties.
    if in possession of Diplomatic p/port its even eassier, more so when on Govt official visits.
    look at
  • Hi,

    I have tried to find this information for past two days and unable to. Please help me find this information(Link to official information would be highly useful and I would be obliged).

    I am an Indian holding a Residence permit in Finland (Schengan), living and working in Finland. I want to visit Monaco (which I dont see on the EU list of countries) for an event connected to my field of work. As Schengan visa holder, I believe I have free movement in the EU countries. In some documents I read that you need visa to France(which I guess I already can visit) if you want to visit Monaco. Now my big question is : Do I really need some visa..or am I fine with whatever I have?

    Thanks in advance for the help and advise
  • Your Schengen needs to be endorsed "'also valid for French territories')" in order to enter Monaco. Check with the French embassy in Finland.
  • Thanks. That was very helpful. I will contact the French Embassy in Finland.
  • Appreciations for DavidF for breaking the deadlock to help me. Further to his advise I contacted the french embassy in Finland and I was told that I dont need any endorsement in my case as its a Schengan visa and for short visit, its not really needed.
    This info I thought for putting it here, just in case somebody else is following up, today or in future, on the same question that I have.

    Thanks a ton again David.
  • You're welcome, have a great trip!
  • Hi Could anyone assist me , I am from China and I would like to Visit some friends in Spain do I need a Visa and what kind
  • Yes you need a visa, apply at the Spanish embassies in your country.
  • Hi There,

    Hope you are well. My Mother has an UK visit Visa Valid for 2 years and Indian Passport. She is currently with me over here in UK. I would like to take her touring with us in European Countries. I am sure it’s not the usual procedure but what is best possible way we can apply for her the schengen visa from UK ?? David I would really appreciate if you can help me with this.
  • hi david.hope you are well.i am from pakistan i have got visit visa for uk.i want to visit europe from can i get european union countrys visa and what kind of visa do i have to get .can i get this visa from pakisatan.hope to hear you soon
  • Hi,

    I am visiting Europe and have a stopover at the Frankfurt airport for 12 hours before my next flight to Melbourne. Is there anything near the airport that I can visit? How far is the main city from the airport?

  • what should i do to get work visa or permanent visa in finland?
  • Do maltese visitors need a visa for tunisia please?
  • Does Serbia comes in schengen visa?
  • Hi,

    I'm holding an indian passport and rite now in Paris through Schengen Visa. I want to visit UK for the week ends. Do i need any visa for that if yes how much it cost and where to apply for that and the duration i need to wait.

    thanks in advance.
  • I have a Jamaican passport and am currently in Spain with a Spanish Visa stamp can I get into Gibraltar, or do I need a UK visa ?
  • Hi, am travelling back from US to India, i have a stopover in frankfurt for 7 hrs, do i need to get any transit visa for visiting frankfurt...!!!

  • i have plan to go to switzerland for training and i am trying to get Schengan visa. it will work or not?
    please let me know.

    Azrkhsh from Afghanistan
  • Hi, I am from Saudi Arabia and I am planning on going to Europe this summer (to visit). Currently, I live in the United States and I have an American student visa. I want to go to England and other European countries, so what do I need to do?!

    Thank you so much,
  • hello, my aunty has come from india to visit me and my family in london. Now that shes here she might as well see paris!...can she get a shengen visa by goin to french embassy in central london? or does she have to go back to india and apply from there?...She has come here on a tourist money and it would waste so much money for her to go allll the way back jus to come allll the way to paris! xx
  • Hi All,

    I am an Indian National and currently working in UK.

    My employer had applied for my work permit under Point Based System but we have got refusal because of salary structure which is not at the standard band.

    Now the thing is my UK visa has already expired and we are going to apply in diffener category.In order to do that I have apply outside UK.

    Instead of going back to India and apply ,canI go to any of the europian country and apply from there and stay there untill I get the UK work permit?

    Your comments in this regards is greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,
  • I’m hopeful that someone can help me. I’m an Jamaican but live here most of my like life. i only got my Jamaican passport with (leave to remain in the u.k) I’m thinking about visiting one of the European country and wanted to know if i will be needing a vista.
  • Hi, I am Nausad Khan from Delhi. Now I have want a europian any state visa.
  • I took swiss visa for traval in Switzerland. I wish to visit Paris as tourist from Berne and return to Zurich for return journey to India. Do I need a Frecnh visa for the Paris visit ?
  • i would like to know what are the procedures when applying for an england visa
  • My visa to go to switzerland was cancelled by the swiss embassy due to some blunder by my travel agency. What can i do now? If i have to visit swiss
  • Hy all i need eu visa, how can i find sponsor and then the visa information
    can any one help me
  • Dear Khan
    We can help you with processing of Schengen visa through different but legally means. for further details email us
  • Hi,

    I am indian and now at uk with business visa and like to visit paris so can i get the visa from uk and wht kind of visa i have to apply and wht is the process of that?

    Thanks in advance...
  • Hi, I am a Indian but have a permanent French Resident Status. I needed to know if I can travel to Italy with my French Resident Card. Can someone help
  • Hi Pravin, from my experience, you would need to get a Schengen visa from the French Embassy being your first entry into the Schengen area.
  • Dear Sur,
    A relative had a similar problem. So we re-applied to the Swiss giving all the right information and submitted the application ourselves and directly. When you are called, you can (and have the right) to explain yourself. Or else, get a Schengen visa and enter the area via another country eg. Italy, in order to use the same visa for Switzerland, which is now part of the Schengen countries. Goodluck!
  • Hi...i have a valid US visa. what are the european countries i can visit buying visa on arrival?
  • hello.. is it possible that i am the one who will work for the spanish visa for my mother who is working at spain right now? please answer guys. it would be a big help. thanks!
  • hi.. i hv valid UK visa and rite nw in UK.. cn from here i apply for schengen visa???
  • Hi, I am in UK on a Work Permit.
    I wish to travel to Paris. Is there a way that I can travel just for a day to paris on my UK visa itself? Please help asap!

  • Hi i am an Indian Student and i am applying to Milan for my further studies, however i would like to visit the other european countries in my one year stay and also work there aftr my course
    Can you please suggest what visa do i apply .
    i appreciate your assistance for the same.
  • Hi All,
    I am an Indian working in IT as a software developer with 6 years of work experience and good education background, keen to get Frech certification.
    Looking ahead to work in european county for max 5 years. Can you help me if anyone can apply for work visa by his own instead of any employer sponder? if yes, which category of work visa, some web links can be usefull.

  • Hi, schengen visa requirements are slightly different from a country to another. Usually, those countries subcontract with VFS visa services. You can have specific information about france visa and other countries on

    Read the summaries you'll have the global picture and the most used links
  • Hi, 
    I'm an Afghan and i have a USA Resident permit I'm planing to visit Germany at end of September 2014, Does anyone know if i need a visa I'm gonna be traveling with afghan passport and green card, 
    best regards, 
  • Your US green card isn't applicable, you'll need to apply for a visa at the nearest German embassy. You'd better hurry!
  • Thanks Anya k, 
    you save my Day 
    Thank you,
  • But here what i found on German embassy Washington DC web site 

    1) Persons who do not require a visa to enter Germany (holders of passports from the countries marked “no” on the list) may not remain on German territory for more than 90 days in any six month period. Nor may they take up gainful employment whilst here.
    2) Nationals of these states are not subject to the restrictions specified in footnote 1.
    3) Residence permits (also for stays of more than 3 months) may be applied for after entering Germany without a visa.
    4) Footnote 3 also applies provided gainful employment is not taken up.
    5) The visa waiver applies only to holders of biometric passports.
    6) The visa waiver applies to holders of SAR passports (Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region passports).
    7) The visa waiver also applies to British Nationals (Overseas).
    8) The visa waiver applies only to holders of biometric passports (excluding holders of Serbian passports issued by the Serbian Coordination Directorate (in Serbian: Koordinaciona uprava)
    9) The exemption from the visa requirement applies only to holders of passports issued by Taiwan which include an identity card number.

  • Sagharkhan, 
    AnyaK has given you correct information. A US green card is not applicable in fact it has no relevance in Europe whatsoever. The sentence you highlighted means that people can apply for a residence permit in Europe.
    If you arrive in a European port of entry without a visa and holding an Afghan passport you will be refused entry, detained and then removed back to the USA.
  • Hi Could anyone assist me , I am from Australia and I would like to tour most Countries of Europe which have beautiful tourist spot ! What are the requirement of schengen visa !

  • Australians do not need a Schengen visa you can enter Europe for ninety days without a visa. Happy travels.

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