Botswana - Work Permit (Visa)
  • I'm moving to Maun in Botswana just before new years to find some work and travel etc. Does anyone know how many years you need to have on your passport to be able to obtain a working visa/permit?
  • Hi Angie
    Your passport needs to be valid for six months after your intended return date. For more information you can visit your nearest Botswana Embassy or High Commission, or call the Department of Immigration in Gaborone: +267 374545.
    All the best,
  • Angie - do you mean that your passport will expire soon?
  • Hi Symone & BIll,

    I have dual nationality Australian/Spanish - not sure which would be more beneficial to use out there. But that aside - both expire in 13 months time. Apparently to get a working visa in Botswana you need to have 3 years left on your passport, however, I am only allowed to extend my spanish passport if I have less than 6 months on it unless I get proof that there is a limit of how many months or years is legally required to be able to get the visa then the Spanish Embassy will extend it without having less than 6 months.

    Thanks for your prompt responses.
  • hi, am a kenyan who has travelled before to botswana., i want to do car business in botswana, starting with a about two do i go about, my email is
  • I am originally form Zimbabwe my family and I have been living in the UK for 10 years. We would like to relocate to Botswana how do we go about getting visas to stay there.
  • i will be graduating in july from a university in uk. i am doing a BSc Multimedia degree. iwant to work in botswana. how do i go about it.
    NB. I am Zimbabwean
  • I will be moving to Botswana for a year. My girlfriend (we're both american) is going to accompany me for at least 3 months. Does anyone know if she can get a work visa? I will have one, but she won't. Or does she even need one?

  • hi everyone, i'm britsh and met my fiance in the uk when he was here on a work visa, however it ran out and he had to return to botswana, i've recently been there to visit him and relised i cant be without him, and until he get's a visa for the uk again, (which we have been trying to do for over a year and a half) i'm thinking of going to botswana for anything up to a year.... what do i need to get a work visa, or infact any kind of visa... i need help....
  • I will be travelling to botswana on work permit. What is the process to travel to and fro south africa frequently? Will it require south african visa separately?

    Waiting for the response

  • Hi,

    Iam scheduled to work in a CRM firm in gaberone,they seems to be a huge delay in the VISA process, Last i heard was that they check all visitors for terror links, does any body know.I also want to know what is the average cost of living if accomodation, transport and food is taken care of by the company.

    Thanks for the help

  • Hi, I've got the same query as Henry ... any help?
  • Any response to my query, please?

  • hi ,
    am a pathologist from India. we are planning to relocate to botswana in a few months. what is the process of registering yourself with Botswana medical council for practicing my specialty there. how r the job opportunities. what all documents do u require for the same. can anybody help me with these queries. i would be grateful.
  • hello. I'm a doctor from the Philippines and I was recently offered a job in Botswana as a doctor there. However i was told by my agent here in the Philippines that i can leave with a TOURIST visa and just apply for a WORKING PERMIT/ visa when I get there... Is this legal? Please HELP! thanks so much!
  • Hi there,

    I am looking to work in Botswana in the Lodge/hospitality Industry,
    I lived in Botswana for 10 years not consecutively, what are the requirments to recieve a work permit and what are the chances are recieving citizenship?

  • hi..

    i am a graduate from india. i would like to apply for a work permit in botswana. My dad stays there. So can anyone tell me the procedure to apply..
  • hi everyone. I am a Motswana(Botswana national) living in New Zealand. I am so pleased that you guys want to live in my woderful country. I can tell you, you won't regret the decision. There are a lot of expats and they can attest to that. For the Phillipino doctor who has been offered a job, your prospective employers should be able to arrange a work permit for you. I lived in Maun where there is loads of experts and I know some of them came as tourist and as soon as they got there they applied for a permit through an agent. My partner is Kiwi and I'm also trying to find out more about getting a work permit before we leave New Zealand, failing which he'll go as atourist and hopefully sort things out that side. Good luck to all of you. Enjoy your stay in Botswana
  • Hi everybody, im a student and i want to relocate to Ireland, so what is really needed.
  • I would like to establish a small factory like domestic house-hold plastic materials in Bostwana, Does anyone know how can i get the visa and work permit/business permit ? pls contact me.
  • Mino...what kind of visa did you get into New Zealand with. Do you know if the visa requirements there are easy to get around than australian. The reason I ask is because my fiance's visa in australia ran out and she has been sent back to Botswana. I want to be with her but we have both talked about going to New Zealand as I can work there easily and from what I've read on their immigration site they are more relaxed than australia for her to get in.
  • Hi everyone,
    am a bartender from Mauritius,was on hoilday in Botswana before.My girlfriend is working there,she is expats.I am looking to move to Botswana to work in hospitality industry.and work permit.Can anybody help to my query?
  • Hi.
    I am a graduate from india. i would like to apply for a work permit in botswana,,any sponsor in africa work for,So can anyone tell me the procedure to apply..

  • Hi,
    I am living in Botswana so i need to apply for visit visa for Australia but in Botswana we don't have an a embassy,
    So i need to know how can i get a visa from Botswana to visit to Australia and how is the procedure...
  • Hi
    I am reside in South Africa having my girlfriend in Botswana who works and reside there. I intend to marry in South Africa only after the traditional marriage in Botswana. Can any one tell me if it will be possible that way or I must have to reside in Botswana. Please contact me at
  • i was working for a company in botswana. then i was planning to do my own business with my friend
    we register a company. we found a place were we will start the business we paid the rent also, then suddenly i got a call from immigration that i must go and visit them
    so i went to immigration and with out any reason they give me 14 day"s to live the country.
    i went to see the consultant so they advice me to live the country & apply for the work permit,
    i left the country and apply again then i got the waiver after three months so i apply for the visa,
    i got the visa & come back to stat the business i was setting up the business it is two months i am still working on my project i invested almost 500,000 pula and still more will be spend our plan is to invest up 2,500000 but........
    again the immigration comes to me and said that i cant stay in this country.
    so what will happen to the investment i have done?
    they just keep on asking question like i am a terrorist they don't let me phone or let me go any ware
    is how they treat a investor?
  • pleased to read from the forum.
    i wish also to work in botswana as a medical doctor. how do i do it to get the work permit.
  • iam a Namibian 27yrs, im working in Namibia in a none governmental organisation dealing with ART. i would like to work in Botwana. iam doing data entry. iam a Monitoring and Evaluation Data Clerk
  • i have lived in Botswana for three years now who says Botswana is not corrupt as far as permit issues are concerned,,,first as a foreigner its very hard to get a resident and workers permit many foreigners use agents who place fake job adverts in the newspapers and use that to get the permits (if you are lucky not to be conned i was actually conned the first time i paid for one and by a registered business consultant, this so called business consultant also issue fake permits which police on raids for foreigners cannot tell the difference until immigration guys verify it its fake u are thrown in the cell...most foreigners even open bank accounts and stay with fake permits unknowingly untill the day they plan to travel outside Botswana coz most of them are intercepted a the airport the permits now are taking longer to come out like between four to six months and their is a new rule that if u are not a a degree holder u cannot be issued with a permit\.if u have lots of cash as an investor it its much easier to get the resident and work permit...and a little piece of advice if you are going penniless to look for a job in Botswana you will is very expensive there accommodation is scarce and thus is very expensive they get everything from South Africa from cooking oil to carrots to tomatoes...its much easier if you have someone living in Botswana and please before you ask for any help from a shop a restaurant say Dumela (hallo) otherwise those eyes will pierce your heart

    from a Kenyan living in Botswana
  • am a graduate from tanzania. i would like to apply for a work permit in botswana. So can anyone tell me the procedure to apply and notify me any employment opportunies.. i have done bachelor degree in management of socaial development. my mail is
  • Hello Guys

    I am Lowboy from Malawi,next year i want to go to Botswana to look for employment,so i wanted to know the requirements to acquire work permit in Botswana.Iam a Bonified citizen of pliz if anyone can help,pliz help because next year its around the corner.
  • Hi

    I am bangladeshi and now i am working in UAE. I am an MBA graduate in Management. I would like to work in Batswana. Please advise how can i get work permit in Batswana. My email

  • Hi Guys im a motswana and happy to hear that people want to move to Botswana, those of u who need work permits, its easy if u are a health professional or enginner and for you to apply for a work permit just call the immigration department and ask them the application procedures. Those who just finished their undergrade degree it is very had to find a job in Botswana withou experience.i hope the info will help some of you. cheers
  • Hi guys.. I'm a South African who is very interested in opening a small shop in Botswana that sells things like hair products. I don't know the procedure and will like to be more informed before I can come that side to open my business. I would also like to know the total of costs payable to do so, the requirements for opening a business that side. I already have a business name that id registerd in my name here in South Africa and would like to use the same name even if I open the shopn in Botswana. Your help will be highly appreciated. my e-mail address is
  • Hi!! I am an asian living in South Africa. I have a job offer in Botswana. The employer applied for a work permit and residence permit for me three months ago. Today I could know that work and residence permits are going to be ready by next week. Do I need to appy for the visa in the nearest embassy of Botswana? Or I can directly travel to Botswana with these permits?
  • Hi.I m Md.Nazmul hasan.from in South Africa.doing business.looking peaceful life or peace country. thatswhy I want to go Batswana.I m an graduate in Accounting and also have 3 years work expereance.If is possible to get job or doing business to get permit. please help me or advise me. my email add.
  • i lived botswana for 2 yrs,i go on and off.back in the 98 to 2006,life was better when you are employed by a stable company or goverment premises. yes is true,before you buy anything,you have to say[ dumela]meaning hey.they call foreigners makwerekwere,when you go shopping and may be you got 100 pula.spend like 50 pula,the cashier will tell you she don,t have,,is very expensive but beer is advice is,move to botswana if your are sure you have a good paying job.not going to look for one coz work permit is a disaster,
  • Hi im a kenyan Qualified teacher and im planning to go to botswana to seek employment. What should i do?
  • I am a Nigerian based in South Africa with a v alid Nigerian Passport. I am a graduate in accountancy from the Lagos City Polytechnic, Lagos, Nigeria. I want to relocate to botswana to seek employment. But the question is, "How do i get a work permit and a residence permit"? And "do i need a South African work permit or any permit to be able to leave South Africa to Botswana? I also want to come open a Recording studio in Botswana as a supporting business. My email is pls i need an urgent reply because i want to be in Botswana b4 1st week of March 2013.
  • I am a Nigerian based in South Africa with a v alid Nigerian Passport. I am a graduate in accountancy from the Lagos City Polytechnic, Lagos, Nigeria. I want to relocate to botswana to seek employment. But the question is, "How do i get a work permit and a residence permit"? And "do i need a South African work permit or any permit to be able to leave South Africa to Botswana? I also want to come open a Recording studio in Botswana as a supporting business. My email is pls i need an urgent reply because i want to be in Botswana b4 1st week of March 2013.
  • Hi. I am a outh African National considering to secure employment as a Customer Services Representative in Botswana. I am unsure how long it takes for one to acquire a Work Permit, how much it costs and what supporting documents are required. Kindly furnish me with the details as soon as can possibly be as i am currently surfing the net for employment opportunities in Botswana.

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