Malaga to Tangier day trips recommendations
  • Has anyone got any recommendations for a day trip from the Malaga area, across to Tangier without being tied down to a carpet making demonstration etc. So far, I've only come across two options for day trips
    i) privately arranging a single tour guide
    ii) group tours ~ but all have complained about that aspect.

    Date: Next month (June). Three of us travelling. We'd have a car to get to the ferry terminal in Spain if need be. A guide/tour group on the Tangiers side, meeting the ferry would be preferable
    ~ NO CARPETS/RUGS/DEMONSTRATIONS wanted at all!!!!!
  • what is there to do in skannes?
  • Say "No" to the pestering guides as you get off the ferry. Do your own itinerary for the day.
  • Thanks Amigo..
    ~ have spoken to a few other people who've done it on their own, and it seems safe enough to do so, and I'll practice saying "go away" very loudly between now and then. It worked in India, eventually! Am used to the problem of pestering vendors.

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