Moving to Isla Margarita ,Venezuela
  • I'm American--my wife Filipina---we are living in Manila,Philippines at present. We have decided to move to Isla Margarita,Venezuela(we haven't been there yet--we can always go somewhere else it its not 4 us.Are there any experts that 'know the ropes' as far as--------------- How to avoid paying 4 round trip tickets(the tourist visa requires a documented exit after your 90 day tourist time is up.) And,----can u apply for permanent residence on the isla, withOUT having to go to Caracas? And--->:) How do u access your American dollars there as u need them(Mine are in American Bank ,and I can wire transfer.. Rick and Mildy
  • Hi

    Coming from the US or Philippines you will need to enter on the 90-day tourist visa. The next document you need is a 'Pase de Transeunte' which can only be provided with the signature of two Venezuelan witnesses and a letter from your employer in Venezuela. So you will have to find work before applying for the Pase de Transeunte, which will be valid for one year. From here you can apply for residency or continue to renew your Transeunte year-by-year until you reach the five years necessary for citizenship.

    The bad news is that it seems you have to visit the ONIDEX (Oficina de Identificacion y Extranjeros) in Caracas to get the Transeunte, residency and citizenship.

    Opening up a local bank account and having funds transferred from American Bank shouldn't be a hassle beyond the normal admin necessary. Best to consult with both banks beforehand.
  • hi everyone, i am planning to visit switzerland this coming May. Have been in switzerland twice before December 2008. I am currently holding a limited residence UK working visa which is due to expire on October 2009. A Filipino citizen. Please give me a brilliant advise if posibble. Mabuhay!
  • To babypatz. As a Filipino/Venezuelan living in Margarita and working in Caracas (really). I wouldn't recommend you coming to live in Margarita and or Venezuela for that matter if you haven't been here before. Why of all places in the world did you choose Margarita Island? Good luck anyway.
  • Do not go to Margarita. I was there 5 years and all our neighbours got robbed at gunpoint then we did too. It has one of the highest murder rates in the world, there is a killing nearly every day and it's only a small island.
  • The comment from Plexel about Margarita being so dangerous is bullshit. Site some referenced, Pixel.
  • Hello,

    Im looking to move to Venezuela from India. I know conversational spanish. I'll also need work (web designing, it tech etc) or photography (its a hobby, but i can convert it into a job if it needs be). Apart from that, I also have a diploma in journalism. Will any of this help ? how much money would I need to move permanently to Venezuela ?


  • I Moved from Pampanga, Philippines to Margarita Venezuela, I was married also to a filipina and still am, I first must say i bought a business in Margarita and had a hotel,, The venezuelan Embassy in manila in makati is a Joke, The guy who runs it last name Perez is a royal jerk, He will under no circumstances gice a visa to a filipina woman, no matter what you do, it took me over a year and a haldf and had to go over his head and had to go to caracas to speak to his superiors about overiding this idiot,, In all my wife was otally digusted as she was treated terribly by the venezulan and decided she didnt want to live there or go back there ever again, margarita used to be a dedent and cheap island to live on, today it is terrible and I suggest anyone going to live there or any place in Venezuela go for a few months before making this commitment, Hugo Chavez and his band of corrupt officials are terrible, there is a hug black market there and you cannot get U.S dollars or use western union, you must netrust your money to someone you know to give you the right black market rate and most will rip you off at any chance they can, the country is corrupt from top to bottom, I lived there 4 years and was there over 20 times prior but the last time I lived there was the last time I will ever go back, the banks will rob you, they closed my account while I was in manila for 6 month in a hospital away from my business and stole almost every penny I ever had, and i had a lawyer and she said there was no recourse, its gone, they assumed I was gone was my business and 250k, yes i am angry and frustrated that this goes on in the world today with no recourse your better off in the Philippines I lived inpampanga for 10 years my wife is from negors the officials there are corrupt also but no nearly as much as in venezuelan, the beaches have become a diumping gounds and everyone wants out but cant sell be prepared, for water shirtges, food shortages and elctric shortages, gas is dirt cheap the bes tthing about the place, the res stinks and the people mostly are crooks or cast outs from other counrtries looking to rob gringos.

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