Visitor or Tourist card for Cuba
  • Help! We've just booked a holiday to Cuba and have been told we need a tourist card from the Cuban embassy. The problem is we have to show our return tickets to get the card. As the tickets won't be despatched until about 10 days before we go, and it can take up to a fortnight for the Tourist card to arrive, we risk not getting the card in time. Tried to contact the embassy by phone but no response! Any ideas anyone?
  • I applied with You just need to give them details of your accomodation for the first three nights. They charge £5 for their service but its well worth it as the Tourist / Visitor/ Travel Card arrives in 2-3 days.
  • i just got back from cuba yesterday they give you the visitor card on the plane to fill out and you give it to customes when you land in cuba
  • Can you recommend someone in the US that can process a visa application?
  • Davy - have you tried
  • To the person trying to contact , try emailing to find out something? I had the contact but lost it, am trying to refind it on - line
  • hi all just came across this site I have booked a holiday in cuba for 14th april for 7 nights with my family, problem is i just discovered my passport expires 8th may 2010 I have been informed that I need to have passport that is valid for 2 months after my departure, is there anyway around this, I have applied for new passport but due to industrial action at Irish passport office I will no recieve new on for at least 4 - 6 weeks , my current passport is valid any advise or is this a def no go:(
  • The visa is handed out on the plane prior to landing. Be aware that there is a new rule in Cuba that you must buy Cuban medical insurance upon arrival. Sounds like a government money maker to me as you shouldn't be travelling there without medical insurance from your own country.
  • how do i get tourist card or visa for cuba in australia
  • The new rule in Cuba about medical insurance is that you should already have taken out insurance before travelling - the policy should indicate that your insurance covers you for emergencies where you may need special transportation back home etc. i.e. repatriation into your own country paid by your insurer. If your documentation clearly does not include this requirement, then you are expected to take out the relevant insurance on arrival in Cuba. That is because their National Health Service is free and cannot stand additional costly services to tourists who haven't paid into the system! Insurance covers that eventuality.
  • HI my friend who lives in Hawayii, need to travel to cuba, but really don't get idea where to apply travel card, could you help me. thanks
  • The Tourist Card is a no brainer when departing from the Western Hemisphere.

    Unlike travelling from Europe you are always given the Tourist Card as part of the airline ticket or given the opportunity to purchase it from the airport when you're departing from Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Grand Cayman, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela and wherever else I'm forgetting.

    Bottom line: No worries for your pal in Hawaii.

  • Hi Everyone, DONT WAIT TO BUY YOUR VISAS ON THE PLANE! Why? Some airlines (if not ALL airlines) in the UK would not allow you to board. The reason is that they will get fine by Cuban authorities. It is really not worth the hassle. So ... you can go to the Cuban consulate in person and do it for £15 (they would normally would like to see ticket and first 3 nights accommodation) or you can go to and buy online. They charge you £5 extra per visa but that still cheaper than doing with the consulate directly by post: they charge a £25 non-in-person fee!
    For the very clever people who think knows everything, I am Cuban expert and yes, it is true that you will probably will go through Inmigration in Cuba without proving where you are going to stay but: they may want to ensure you have appropiate accommodation and also, it is honestly really NOT good to go to ANY foreign country and not knowing if where you are staying is a legimate place or not. We sell flights, casas particulares and whatever Cuban travel arrangement (fishing, birdwatching, car rental ... you name it) and we have seen it all: from the man who says has friends in Cuba and then get everything stolen to the girl who has certaintity that the train is better than the bus or a car ... :( .. I gues people and people and you can only do your best. Enjoy and you have questions, please call us for free advice on 0800 056 0576 or go to ... I am the MD by the way ... :)
  • cubadirect, your post is full of inarticulate hyperbole. It's a really lousy reflection on your company.

  • Hello Any idea are the old tourist cards (light green) still valid for travel ?
  • The back of the Tourist Card has to be stamped by your Tour Operator or Airline in order to be valid. Since it looks so different I would assume using the old TC would raise a red flag and the Aduana official would be checking when/where it was issued and it might be a problem. Worse case scenario they make you buy a new one.

    Another factor is where are you flying from? In the UK they inspect the TC before you board the aircraft and the old one won't be accepted. Other carriers like Copa out of Panama will make you purchase one of theirs as well. Every situation is different...

  • I am a British subject with landed status in Canada, My PM card is being updated and will take 150 days to process, my passport had expired and is now in the hands of the British Embassy in Washington DC for renewal, PROBLEM, my wife and I and children are trying to plan a trip for mid Febuary to Cuba, their Canadian passports are being process and will only take 4 to 6 weeks, mine will take longer.

    QUESTION; Can I travel to Cuba with a Cuban Visitor Card, My previose out dated passport,my original landed status papers, drivers lic etc, will I have a problem boarding, and re entering Canada.
    I did not want to book the tickets if I am left at the Airport waiving to all, good by ,have a great trip without me.

  • You need a Passport to travel (almost) anywhere, including Cuba.

  • I am visiting USA and Canada as a touristic in Aug and Sept 2012 .I wish to spend few days in Cuba in sept 2012.I plan to fly off from Toronto along with my friends who are Canadian Citizens .What all documents do i need to enter Cuba and where are these available and how much time it will take and what is the cost .
    BS Rangi
    bsrangi11@gmail .com
  • All you require is a Passport and a Cuban Tourist Card.

    As stated above the Tourist Card will be supplied to you by the Tour Operator or Airline when departing from Canada.

  • Hi.
    I am flying to Cuba (AirFrance) from the UK, Heathrow. I have only booked my flights. Hotels to be booked soon. Do I need a Visa and where can I get this from? Thanks.
  • Yes, you need a Cuban Tourist Card and since you're not on a package deal you have to acquire it on your own.

    1.) If you're in London it's easy to get it from the Cuban Embassy:

    2.) If that's not convenient, this service is a good alternative:

    Have fun.

  • I am travelling to Cuba via Cancun. I have been told I can Purchase a Tourist Card at the airport in Cancun, can anyone confirm this please
  • Read my reply from March 3rd above. It's no problems.

    Have fun.


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